11 Best Faux Leather Leggings ...

The best faux leather leggings give you the look and feel of real leather minus the high price tag. Aside from the cost, there are lots of reasons to choose faux leather leggings. They’re chic, versatile and best of all they’re cruelty-free. If you’ve been thinking about trying out some faux leather leggings or are just looking for a new pair to add to your wardrobe, I’ve culled 11 pairs of the hottest leggings for you to browse through.

1. Zara Synthetic Leather Trouser with Zips

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You can always count on Zara for stylish clothes and their faux leather leggings are something you shouldn’t miss out on. This synthetic leather trouser with zips is perfectly casual, but can easily be styled to be a lit bit dressier should the need arise.

Price: $59.90 at zara.com

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