7 Reasons to Rock the Jogger Pant Trend ...

Believe it or not, jogger pants can be quite fashionable if worn right. Guest contributor Nikki Duckworth shares her reasons on why you should embrace and rock this trend!

Ladies, I have a fashion confession to make: I’m obsessed with jogger pants. In fact, I’m typing this very article while wearing a pair. That’s right I said jogger pants, but these aren't the kind you’d necessarily slip on to gear up for a workout. Perhaps you've seen them featured on style blogs or while window shopping online, but weren't quite sure if you should pull the trigger. If you've been thinking about rocking this trend yourself, here are 7 reasons to take the plunge.

1. They’re Upgraded Jogging Pants

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Ever dreamed of leaving the house wearing your lounge worthy jogging pants without fear of others judging you? Here’s your chance! Updated joggers are well designed and not the least bit sloppy. These definitely aren't your shabby Saturday sweats.

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