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30 Pieces of Babydoll Lingerie to Tease and Tempt ...

By Neecey

I often think that babydoll lingerie was designed purely with men in mind. Some of them have so many straps and fixings that they look more uncomfortable than sexy. But pushing the more "treat me like a sex slave" styles to one side, leaves you with some very pretty lingerie that looks good, feels good to wear and gives your lover a visual feast.

1 Black and White Set

Black and White Set Amazon
Price: $35.99

2 Pink Ruffles

Pink Ruffles Amazon
Price: $4.59

3 Halter Babydoll

Halter Babydoll Trashy
Price: $28.00

4 Metallic Lace & Satin Babydoll

Metallic Lace & Satin Babydoll Trashy
Price: $34.00

5 Blue Open Back Babydoll

Blue Open Back Babydoll Amazon
Price: $16.99

6 Lace Babydoll Dress with Garters

Lace Babydoll Dress with Garters Amazon
Price: $4.59

7 Virginal White

Virginal White Trashy
Price: $34.00

8 Sheer Black

Sheer Black wxf785ad on eBay
Price: $4.99

9 Mesh Flyaway Babydoll

Mesh Flyaway Babydoll Trashy
Price: $24.00

10 Embellished Babydoll

Embellished Babydoll Amazon
Price: $15.81

11 Boat Neck Babydoll

Boat Neck Babydoll Amazon
Price: $5.83

12 Plus Size Lace and Net Babydoll

Plus Size Lace and Net Babydoll Hips & Curves
Price: $35.90

13 Demure with Lace

Demure with Lace Amazon
Price: $6.80

14 Hanky Point Babydoll

Hanky Point Babydoll fgistore on Etsy
Price: $34.50

15 Deep Purple Babydoll

Deep Purple Babydoll LENA STYLE
Price: $14.99

16 Hot Green Satin Babydoll

Hot Green Satin Babydoll LENA STYLE
Price: $19.95

17 Silver Ribbon Babydoll

Silver Ribbon Babydoll LENA STYLE
Price: $35.99

18 Blue Sheer Babydoll

Blue Sheer Babydoll Amazon
Price: $5.25

19 Chiffon Babydoll

Chiffon Babydoll Amazon
Price: $16.39

20 Red Lace Babydoll

Red Lace Babydoll ElectricDolly on Etsy
Price: $25.00

21 Plus Size See through Babydoll

Plus Size See through Babydoll Amazon
Price: $10.99

22 Lace Body Babydoll

Lace Body Babydoll Target
Price: $15.00

23 Plus Size Pleated Chiffon Babydoll

Plus Size Pleated Chiffon Babydoll
Price: $39.00

24 Bellflower Babydoll

Bellflower Babydoll Kohl's
Price: $39.99

25 Zebra Print Babydoll

Zebra Print Babydoll BoLie on Etsy
Price: $37.06

26 Oh La La Babydoll

Oh La La Babydoll
Price: $23.04

27 Short Lace Babydoll

Short Lace Babydoll
Price: $23.31

28 Strapless Lace Babydoll

Strapless Lace Babydoll
Price: $15.99

29 Gauze Babydoll

Gauze Babydoll
Price: $14.44

30 Strapless Ribbon Trim Babydoll

Strapless Ribbon Trim Babydoll
Price: $10.17

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