Best Places to Shop for Affordable Lingerie ...

By Sabrina

Best Places to Shop for Affordable Lingerie ...

Valentine's Day season always makes me want to buy lingerie! (Even though I celebrate "Galentines Day" not Valentine's Day!) If you think lingerie is gorgeous, but not always worth the money, check out these cheap stores to get gorgeous lingerie!

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1 Forever 21

Forever 21 Shop:
I don't usually, in fact I don't think I ever, think of Forever 21 when I'm shopping for lingerie! But believe it or not, they have a wide selection of lingerie ranging from cute to sexy. And the sexiest part— the Forever 21 prices!

2 Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick's of Hollywood Shop:
Frederick's of Hollywood has some edgier lingerie options to embrace your inner, or outer, seductress. Plus, they often have amazing sales! So you can get beautiful, high quality lingerie for a great price!

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3 Adore Me

Adore Me Shop:
I'm a huge fan of subscriptions. Clothes, food, makeup, and book subscriptions all tickle my fancy. And now that there's a lingerie subscription, I just don't know what I'll do! Plus, your first set is only $25! What are you waiting for? Take their style quiz and subscribe!

4 Hanes' Maidenform

Hanes' Maidenform Shop:
I love Maidenform for a few reasons. First and foremost, since Maidenform is under Hanes, their products are unbelievably comfortable! They shape to your body so well you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything! (In a good way!) Also, they have great prices and even better sales! So you can indulge in their gorgeous, comfortable lingerie without feeling any buyer’s remorse.

5 H&M

H&M Shop:
I'm always surprised by H&M's wide variety of cheap, sexy lingerie. Cheap in price, not in quality! If you ever need to stock up on bras and panties, H&M is the place to go.

6 Naja

Naja Shop:
The number one reason I love Naja is because part of the proceeds go toward supporting working mothers in Columbia, and I love clothing with a purpose! As if that weren't enough, Naja also sells eco-friendly bras made from recycled water bottles. Because of that, I wouldn't mind spending a little extra on Naja's fun, unique lingerie. But remarkably, their lingerie line is still affordable! Don't believe me? See for yourself!

7 Overstock

Overstock Shop: isn't lingerie-specific, but looking at their selection you'd never know it! They carry so many unique styles that are sure to satisfy everyone's taste. I guarantee you'll find a set both you and your bank account love!

There's always a reason to spoil yourself! Especially when the prices are this good. Where else do you buy your lingerie?

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I tend to go to Bras N Things or my usual Dickory Dock in Melbourne. Would love to try something from Victoria's Secret one day - although they probably wouldn't have my size!

I'm trying to find a comfortable strapless bra (nude) for my wedding dress. Strapless bras are so uncomfortable. Any suggestions. I don't want to spend a fortune!

@BrittanyBaker you are a lucky woman!!! I like Aerie for cute things! There bras and undies are so good!

My husband loves buying me lingerie! I'll forward him this list and let him pick one out :) ;)

I saw the commerial from adoreme and immediately ordered a few I love them I look so damn sexy hot mama

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