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These Are the Best Bras for Different Types of Tops and Dresses ...

By Sheila

Haven't we all been stumped by the "What bra should I wear with this?" question every now and then. Eventually, you just make peace with the fact that your bra will peek through or you give up and decide to wear something else instead. SO FRUSTRATING! Well, thanks to this video by Spankie Valentine TV, we now know which contraptions to buy and which bra to wear with what. Yay!

1 For a One Shoulder Top/dress

Wear a convertible bra with a strap on one side and take off the strap on the other side.

2 Halter Neck

Using a convertible bra again, take off one strap completely and unhook the other strap from the back, wrap it around the neck and clasp it on the other side thereby creating a halter neck bra for a halter neck top. Easy peasy!

3 For Plunging Necklines

Pick a v necked bra that has a plunging neckline.

4 For Low Backs

Use a bra strap extension as shown to hide the back of your bra.

5 For a Criss-cross Back

Once again, the bra strap extension comes to your rescue! Criss cross the straps of your bra and use the extension as shown in the video. It seems a little complicated but is so worth it!

6 Racerback Top

If you have a racerback top but don't have a convertible bra, use a bra strap clipper to secure your bra straps in the center.

7 For a Backless Top or Dress

Use a backless bra with adhesive strips. Alternately you could also use a bralette with a pretty lace back. This works like a charm especially for bustier women who can't use the adhesive bra!

8 For Exercise

You don't want to wear just any kind of bra when you exercise because you need plenty of support for comfort and to protect the tissue in your breasts. Make sure you try on sports bras before buying since they are sized differently than your usual bra.

9 For a T-shirt

You've probably noticed that if you wear a lacy bra under a t-shirt, it's totally obvious. That's why your bra wardrobe definitely needs a t-shirt bra. This one has smooth cups that look seamless under your favorite causal wear.

10 For a Strapless Look

If you're wearing a strapless dress, you don't want your bra straps showing. Look for one that has removable straps so that you can still wear it when you go bare.

Do you have any bra tips to share with us?

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