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7 Cheap and Cute Swimsuits You Can Buy Today ...

By Holly

Summer will be here before you know it. That's why you need to start your bathing suit shopping. It's never too early! According to Glamour, here are some of the cheapest (and cutest) swimsuits you could buy:

1 Mossimo Mesh Inset One-piece

Mossimo Mesh Inset One-pieceBuy it for $40 on

2 Merona Draped One-piece

Merona Draped One-pieceBuy it for $40 on


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3 Tory Praver Seafoam Strappy One-piece

Tory Praver Seafoam Strappy One-pieceBuy it for $60 on

4 Mar by Vix Printed One-piece

Mar by Vix Printed One-pieceBuy it for $55 on

5 Tory Praver Seafoam Floral One-piece

Tory Praver Seafoam Floral One-pieceBuy it for $60 on

6 Ava & Viv Flounce One-piece

Ava & Viv Flounce One-pieceBuy it for $40 on

7 Vitamin a Soleil Long-sleeve Rash Guard

Vitamin a Soleil Long-sleeve Rash GuardBuy it for $60 on

What type of swimsuit are you looking to buy for this summer?

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