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The Most Glam Outfits for Girls with Small Boobs and Butts ...

By Holly

You don't have to have a Kim Kardashian booty and big breasts in order to be considered attractive. Small boobs and butts are just as sexy. Of course, if you want to create the illusion that you're bigger than you actually are, here are some of the best outfits for women with small boobs and butts:

1 Wear High Waisted Shorts and Skirts

Wear High Waisted Shorts and SkirtsBuy high waisted skirts, high waisted shorts, and high waisted jeans. They'll all make your booty look better than ever before. Why? Because they'll make your waist look smaller, and when your waist looks smaller, your booty will look bigger in comparison.

2 Wear Shirts with Ruffled Necklines

Wear Shirts with Ruffled NecklinesInstead of wearing low-cut shirts to try to show off the small amount of cleavage that you have, you should try wearing shirts with a ruffled neckline. Basically, the extra fabric from the ruffles is going to make it look like your chest pops out more. You can also try wearing necklines with lace, pleats, or jewels.


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3 Wear Pants with Big Pockets on the Back

Wear Pants with Big Pockets on the BackWhen you're buying pants or shorts, make sure you buy some with large pockets that are embellished with gems and intricate details. Those pockets will draw attention to your booty and make it look like it's bigger than it actually is. Besides, it's always nice to own jeans that have some actual pockets.

4 Wear High Necklines

Wear High NecklinesInstead of wearing low-cut shirts, you should try wearing shirts that are a little higher. Why? Well, low-cut shirts will make your boobs look smaller than they actually are, if they're already small to begin with. However, high necklines will create the illusion that your boobs are bigger. It's an easy trick.

5 Wear Backless Dresses and Shirts

Wear Backless Dresses and ShirtsYou don't have to draw attention to your chest. If you don't consider it one of your best assets, then you should draw attention to another part of your body, like your back. Cutout dresses are all the rage nowadays, so try buying something with a cutout back. That way, you'll look sexy without having to worry about your booty or breasts.

6 Wear Push up Bras and Heels

,If you want to make your assets look bigger, you should slip into some heels. They'll change your posture, so that your breasts and butt stick out more, which will create the illusion that they're larger than they actually are. Of course, you can also wear a push-up bra in order to make your boobs a little more prominent. Butt pads exist too, you know.

7 Wear Ruffled Skirts

Wear Ruffled SkirtsJust like ruffled shirts will make your boobs look bigger, ruffled skirts will make your booty look bigger. The puffy fabric will make it look like your butt sticks out more than it actually does. So instead of opting for skintight skirts and body con dresses, you should try buying ruffled skirts for a change.

8 Opt for Mini Skirts

clothing, footwear, fashion, leather, spring,Mini skirts can give ladies with smaller behinds a huge advantage. Basically if you go for a skirt of a shorter length such as mini skirts, the eye is going to be drawn upwards towards your behind, whereas longer skirts (think maxi) will do the opposite by drawing the eye downwards.

9 Choose Skirts with Horizontal Colour-blocking

blue, fashion, beauty, season, spring,If you love wearing skirts, a handy tip is to avoid vertical colour-blocking as this will take the emphasis away from your hips and behind, drawing the eye in as a result. Instead, opt for horizontal colour-blocking as this will do the opposite, especially if the line where the two colours meet is just below your behind!

10 Get Comfy in Stretch Jeans

clothing, outerwear, footwear, jacket, leather,Ladies, it's time to get acquainted with stretch fabrics! These in particular will hug your body, emphasising those super feminine curves! Also, opting for a curvy skinny jean style over a traditional skinny style will also help to add plenty of shape to your behind!

You shouldn't be ashamed of your small booty and breasts, because they can look just as sexy as double Ds. Of course, if you want to make them look a little bigger in order to raise your confidence, then you should try wearing some of these outfits. What other outfits have made your boobs and butt look a little bigger than they actually are?

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