Glam Size Inclusive Swimsuit Websites All Girls Should Check out ...


Glam Size Inclusive Swimsuit Websites All Girls Should Check out ...
Glam Size Inclusive Swimsuit Websites All Girls Should Check out ...

So, newsflash: swimwear is expensive. Plus size swimwear is expensive-plus. Since swimsuit season is almost upon us and I believe wholeheartedly in inclusivity, I'm going to make your swimwear shopping experience a little bit easier. You can just use this list as a guideline if you're looking for size inclusive swimwear shops. I've included a few plus size shops as well just because I ended up actually shopping for a suit while I was researching this, and also because I want to. Ha!

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First up is my favorite size inclusive shop for everything – swimsuits, clothes, shoes, handbags. I love ModCloth! They've got a gorgeous selection of retro-inspired swimwear and an equally stunning collection of plus size pieces


Swimsuits for All

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Just as the name implies, Swimsuits for All has swimsuits for … well, for all. Sizes range from 8 to 34 in every style you can imagine, and the prices are pretty awesome compared to other stores. Plus, there are some really stunning pieces.


Old Navy

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If you need something cute, trendy, and relatively cheap, Old Navy has adorable suits. Their plus size pieces are just as cute, and they fit true to size, which is always awesome with a store like Old Navy. Whatever size you wear, it's the perfect place for inexpensive but on point swimwear, as long as you don't expect it to last more than a few seasons – depending on how much you're at the beach, of course.



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Macy's has kind of upped its game with inclusive sizes. I mean, their plus size pieces still leave a little bit to be desired, but there are some awfully pretty suits. You just have to seek them out. For smaller sizes, there's an abundance of possibilities. Since it's Macy's, the prices can get a little steep, but then again, you'll often stumble over a decent sale.



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Target is another surprisingly solid choice for size inclusive swimwear. As with Old Navy, Target has trendy suits at affordable prices, and they'll last you for a while if you take care of them.


Lane Bryant

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Lane Bryant is pretty exclusively plus size, but I include it for a reason – besides my own ego, I mean. If you're on the border range of plus size, you might just find a swimsuit you love that fits wonderfully. After all, swimsuits are notoriously hard to wiggle into sometimes. Just be aware that Lane Bryant's suits are super expensive.



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The same things I said about Lane Bryant apply to Torrid, right down to its inclusion and its tendency to be expensive. The only difference is that Torrid offers trendier suits and bolder choices – bright patterns, vivid colors, altogether cuter styles. Also, a lot of their suits have a retro vibe, which is always gorgeous.


Forever 21 +

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Forever 21 is only for size 4 girls! The site cares just as much about its curvier customers and has a great range of plus size swimwear that showcases all of the current trends. They do sizes up to 3X and you can grab a great suit for as little as $20!


Addition Elle

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Addition Elle’s swimwear line has been expanding piece by piece over the years and now it is a great collection to browse. With cute straps and wrap arounds some of the most popular designs, every suit looks great while also making curvy girls feel secure.



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If you are looking for a great swimsuit but need to be budget conscious, then Rue21 should be your go to store! They stock a range of amazing patterns and styles and have plus sizes from L to 3X, and the best part? Prices start at just $10!



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SimplyBe is a brand that carries a line of well-made, classic swimwear that will leave you completely satisfied with your purchase. Offering all the expected ranges of colors, patterns and styles, prices start at around $30 and go up to a size 28, so everyone is catered for!


Black Cat Bikinis

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This is an adorable Etsy store where you can buy some more adventurous swimwear, vibrant designs with some vintage and retro styles that will certainly make you the stand out lady at the pool or on the beach!



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Nakimuli is certainly the place to go if you are looking for something completely unique and sensational. Geometric designs are the trend for this year, and Nakimuli has plenty of vibrantly colored plus size options to choose from.

Have you started shopping for a new suit yet? I need to because we have a summer vacation planned. I think I'm inspired enough to dive into it now. Well, maybe next week.

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