11 Best Thongs ...

Every woman should know what the best thongs out there are! How else would you know what to buy? Of course everyone wants something different out of their thongs, so you should have some options. Here are some of the best thongs out there. Check out which ones fit your needs best.

1. Commando Low-Rise Thong

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The Commando Low-Rise Thong is truly one of the best thongs available. Other people won’t be the only ones that won’t notice your underwear, you won’t either! This thong is so lightweight that you may even begin to wonder if you wore any underwear at all. That’s why they gave it such a cheeky name! Wear commando and you’ll feel like you’re going commando. This underwear is soft and seamless, everything you need in a thong.

Price: $20 at Buy at Bare Necessities

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