Top 13 Best Camisoles ...


Top 13 Best Camisoles ...
Top 13 Best Camisoles ...

If you’ve been dying to find out what the best camisoles are, look no further. Whether you are trying to layer your cami under a beautifully warm sweater or using it as a workout top, I’ve got the best camisoles out there! These are warm, they are soft, they are oh-so-beautiful and you’ll fall in love. Take a look below girlies, you won’t regret it!

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Old Navy Womens V-Neck Layering Cami

Old Navy Womens V-Neck Layering Cami Old Navy is one of my favorite stores and when they came out with this beautiful layering cami? I was in heaven! This is one of the best camisoles I’ve ever felt and it is absolutely beautiful when it’s on. If you want a cami that is going to fit your shape and make you feel awesome, this is it.

Price: $5.00 at


SPANX: Trust Your Thinstincts Shaping Camisole

SPANX: Trust Your Thinstincts Shaping Camisole Spanx is one of those brands that we’ve all grown to trust in the way of shapewear, but when they came out with a shaping cami? I was gone for it! This particular cami is amazing on, will fit every bust and it actually provides a whole lot of coverage and shaping. It has a high back design and thick straps.

Price: $58.00 at


Jockey Elance® Supersoft Camisole

Jockey Elance® Supersoft Camisole Coverage and softness is something that a lot of camis are lacking -- not this one! This one is so, so comfortable and it is the perfect cami to layer. If you want comfort, style and beauty, this is the perfect cami for you.

Price: $14.62 at


Hanro Touch Feeling Tank

Hanro Touch Feeling Tank You honestly have to feel this cami to believe it girlies! This tank is so pretty on, feels like a second skin, can be seen under jackets and overall, looks absolutely fabulous when it is paired with anything. Beauty, softness, comfort - how much better can that get?

Price: $83.99 at


Commando Whisper Weight Racerback Tank

Commando Whisper Weight Racerback Tank If you want a cami that is going to stay on your skin, completely weightless and that is going to layer easily under any sheer top, this is the cami for you! It’s got laser-cut edges, is designed to leave absolutely no lines and it feels incredible on.

Price: $48.00 at


Cosabella Talco Long Camisole

Cosabella Talco Long Camisole The things about camis that you need to know is that they need to be soft, they need to be flexible and they need to be comfortable -- that’s exactly what this particular camisole is all about. It’s as soft as silk and feels just like baby powder.

Price: $68.00 at


Gap Pure Body Cami

Gap Pure Body Cami Comfort is the game in the world of camisoles and this one tops it. I love how beautiful it shapes the body, I love that you can wash it right in your washing machine without any problems and I love the feminine style of it. It’s also Gap branded -- which means it’ll last a long time.

Price: $14.95 at">"><


Splendid Stretch Camisole

Splendid Stretch Camisole This is a tank that is essential for layering. It’s the perfect cami to slip under a too low-cut sweater or even under a hoodie. It’s also the ideal cami to dress up in all of the right ways. So soft, so durable and overall, super comfortable.

Price: $48.00 at


Hanky Panky Signature Lace Unlined Camisole

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Unlined Camisole This cami is a little different than every other one on this list, as it has a bit of lace to it! It’s all about the shaping of the body though and this one does a beautiful job. I personally love this particular cami and wear it all of the time.

Price: $55.00 at


J.Crew Perfect Fit Tank with Built-in-Bra

J.Crew Perfect Fit Tank with Built-in-Bra The ultimate perfect fit cami is going to come down enough in the back, look beautiful in the front and overall, give you an amazing shape. That’s exactly what this one does -- all while being super soft and oh-so-comfortable.

Price: $24.50 at


Victoria’s Secret Lace Cami

Victoria’s Secret Lace Cami What best cami list would be complete without at least one Victoria Secret cami? This one is adorable. I love the lace detail on it, I love the colors, I love the top and I love the straps. It’s unique, is different, it’s comfortable and it’s not all that expensive!

Price: $29.50 at


Bebe Plunging Striped Cami Bodysuit

Bebe Plunging Striped Cami Bodysuit This cami is more than just a typical cami, this one is actually a bodysuit and I love it! I love every detail, from the beautiful front to the adorable back, to all of the different patterns you can choose from! Which is your fave?

Price: $49.99 at


Victoria's Secret Cami Bra Top

Victoria's Secret Cami Bra Top If you are one of us bigger chested girls and you want to have a cami that has some extra support, this is it! This one has a built-in bra, has an empire waist and it’s all around beautiful. I love the look, feel and shape.

Price: $29.50 at

Now that you know exactly what camis are out there and what ones are the best, which are your favorites? Which camis do you typically buy? Share!

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Yay! I needed this article, I'm looking for something to wear under a crop top

I like the one in the top photo, what's that?

Can that shaping cami actually fit any bust size? I'm an E and would love to try some kind of shaping thing sometime..

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