4 Business Casual Looks for Fall and Winter ...


4 Business Casual Looks for Fall and Winter ...
4 Business Casual Looks for Fall and Winter ...

We are always on the go, from home or school to work, work to dinner, and even dinner to business event. But how do we stay on the go without needing to change what we are wearing? In the fashion industry, it's called Business Casual! **These styles can change from season to season and sometimes be costly if you don't know what to look for, so today we have Cameron from CheapSally with us to share **4 Business Casual Looks for Fall and Winter...
The Basics of the Business Casual Look...
Day to day it never seems to be too difficult to pick out an outfit, although there are those indecisive why- don’t-I-look-good-in-anything days. But whenever you have an event to attend, do you immediately start to panic not knowing what to wear? The majority of the time the event attire is described as “business casual,” but what exactly is business casual? You never know how business or how casual to go with your outfit, so here are a few ideas that create the perfect combination!

Tommy Hilfigershould be included in the dictionary under “business casual.” His brand has looks for both men and women that can easily be dressed up or down, and he is the king of producing wardrobe staples- those pieces you just HAVE to own. Plus, with the abundance of Tommy Hilfiger coupons, you won’t have to splurge to be styled.

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Tommy Hilfiger Rugby Striped Drape Front Cardigan...

Tommy Hilfiger Rugby Striped Drape Front Cardigan... Photo Credit

A long draped sweater is the ultimate business casual piece. If you’re feeling a little dressier, pair it with your favorite LBD and brown wedges. If the temperatures are cooler, pair the cardigan with black skinnys, a plain colored tank and either boots, wedged booties or flats. Voila! Two outfits in one per classic Tommy Hilfiger.


The Classic Button up...

The Classic Button up... Photo Credit

You all own at least one of these crisp, clean, collared button-up shirts. These are perfect for both business and business casual outfits. Tuck one into slacks or a high-wasted pencil skirt for a classic professional look. For a more modern and casual ensemble, tuck one into your favorite part of dark jeans, throw on a braided leather belt and some wedges and you’re done!


The Blazer...

The Blazer... Photo Credit

Another wardrobe staple is the blazer, and today there is a blazer for everyone! Tuxedo, cropped, boyfriend, pinstriped, they are all fabulous and the perfect piece for a business casual outfit. Try a white one for a modern twist; it can be worn over any dress, skirt and color of denim. We are seeing these all over celebrities these days, so why not add one to your wardrobe?


The Lace-up Wedge...

The Lace-up Wedge... Photo Credit

When attending a business casual event you probably feel inclined to wear heels. After all, my mom always said to always dress nicer so you aren’t the underdressed one. But standing around and chatting for hours on your feet can be torturous, so you need the perfect pair of shoes. Check out these Dolce Vita wedges, they can be dressed up or down and your feet will thank you for the wedge! They also come in black, which is dressier and looks adorable with black jeans, leggings and tights! But the taupe version is so cute worn with denim and floral print dresses or skirts.

Cameron Smead is a fashion enthusiast who is always looking for the best business casual ensemble. She recommends that fellow shopaholics use Tommy Hilfiger coupons to fill their closets with all the classic wardrobe must-haves!

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I love those wedges. They look super stylish and the colour is simply perefct. Kisses and hugs

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