8 Awesomely Stylish Fashion Ponchos ...


8 Awesomely Stylish Fashion Ponchos ...
8 Awesomely Stylish Fashion Ponchos ...

Fashion Ponchos are a great way to stay warm and continue on being stylish over the winter so if you haven’t found your perfect poncho yet, it’s time to search for it online! Now, I know many of you ladies don’t really have much free time to spend browsing for cool fashion ponchos so I’ve decided to make the job easier for you by suggesting some interesting alternatives! And these are the fashion ponchos I find worth checking out:

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Gabriella Rocha Striped Poncho

Gabriella Rocha Striped Poncho Price: $55.99 at zappos.com
This fabulous striped poncho will definitely bring some color into your rainy days! Cool steel gray, neutral off white and warm mustard make it super-easy to match with other pieces while this cute, girlish flower puts an end to your accessorizing problems!


Steve Madden Reindeer Games Poncho

Steve Madden Reindeer Games Poncho Price: $52.00 at zappos.com
If you want to warm up your winter look with just a hint of Christmas-inspired fashion ponchos are definitely a way to go! These super-cute reindeers will match your favorite pair of yeans perfectly and if you throw in a stylish hobo bag, white turtleneck and remember to wear your beloved UGG boots, you’ll have a perfectly stylish, perfectly comfortable school/lazy Sunday coffee outfit.


Ella Moss Stockholm Poncho

Ella Moss Stockholm Poncho Price: $278.00 at zappos.com
Fashion ponchos can be a very classy accessory as well and here’s one you can wear over your feminine white shirt in case it starts getting chilly in your office! Wear a pair of chic wide leg pants, put on your favorite super-classy heels, grab a patent or croc-effect doctor bag and you’re all set!


Sanctuary Flannel Striped Poncho

Sanctuary Flannel Striped Poncho Price: $152.00 at zappos.com
Mountain lodge, steaming cup of hot chocolate, your loved one and you, dressed head to toe in winter fashion! This interesting, super-warm poncho would, for example, look great with equally comfy, equally warm Timberland lumber-jack boots. What do you think?


Free People Wandering Blanket Poncho

Free People Wandering Blanket Poncho Price: $94.90 at shop.nordstrom.com
Thank you Nordstrom for this amazing sale! You see, ladies, although fashion ponchos don’t come cheap these days (unless you have a grandma with a lot of free time on her hands) we can still snag a fabulous piece and save! This extra long, warm, versatile poncho will prove to be a fabulous new addition to anyone’s winter wardrobe so, if it looks like something you may find useful this season, don’t miss your chance to get it in half price!


Michael Kors Fake Fur Poncho

Michael Kors Fake Fur Poncho Price: $150.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Oh my Gosh! And they say love at first sight is a myth! I absolutely adore this classy Michael Kors poncho! Don’t you? I mean, how can anyone not adore this chic piece? Fake fur collar is detachable, which means that you won’t only get a cool, lady-like poncho to warm-up and glam-up your winter wardrobe but two pieces you can wear individually to create dozens of interesting, eye-catching winter looks!


Sonia Rykiel Striped Poncho

Sonia Rykiel Striped Poncho Price: $1,285.00 at net-a-porter.com
Whoa, I bet you’re not willing to pay this much for a poncho regardless of how great it looks! Don’t worry, I haven’t gone kuku over the weekend, I’m merely trying to give you something to think about! The poncho in question is indeed worth having so you might want to browse your favorite shops in hopes you’ll find something similar or, in case that doesn’t work out well, you might want to pay your dear grandma a visit and bring her a new set of knitting needles!


Rebecca Taylor Striped Poncho

Rebecca Taylor Striped Poncho Price: $395.00 at net-a-porter.com
This is my final suggestion for today so feel free to use it in case girly-girl colors happen to be your favorite ones! I know, I know, this piece does look like something you shouldn’t wear outside after you’ve turned 15 but wait - things are not as “childish” as they seem! In fact, if you take a look at the outfit stylists at Net-A-Porter are suggesting, you’ll realize that cute fashion ponchos such as this one can look very grown-up, not to mention extremely chic!

Not all fashion ponchos are made to keep you warm so before you go shopping for one, think about what you really want and need! Are you looking for stylish fashion ponchos to cover up a plain tee or you’re in the market for a piece that, apart from looking good, has a purpose?

Top Photo Credit: Pinterest.com

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