7 Celebrities with a Questionable Yet Cool Fashion Sense ...


Cool celebrity fashion and weird celebrity fashion often walk hand in hand, proving that playing it safe doesn’t always have to be a good thing! Some celebs always manage to surprise us in that good, Oh-that’s-so-him/her way, some make us go like, “What? You’ve got to be kidding me?” but that’s just Hollywood for you. And while some famous folks look like they’re trying too much and are therefore a bit annoying (think: Kim-K and Miley), there are some that don’t have to try hard to look differently. They have their own thing going on and the world loves them for it! How many of them can you think of? Well, let me share a few names in cool celebrity fashion I find interesting.

1. Helena Bonham Carter

Just as wacky and brilliant as her husband-slash-partner, famous director Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter definitely gives the term cool celebrity fashion a brand new meaning! Forget about these new stars eager to shock and awe now when everyone’s doing it – Helena’s had her own style since way back! Plus, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any other celebrity posing in two different colored shoes! Not even Lady Gaga! You can love her, you can hate her – the fact is that she does have her own thing going on and has always managed to stay true to her quirky self. Oh and she seems to be a fan of Vivienne Westwood’s designs, which is definitely a huge plus in my book!

Patricia Field
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