7 Celebrities with a Questionable Yet Cool Fashion Sense ...


7 Celebrities with a Questionable Yet Cool Fashion Sense ...
7 Celebrities with a Questionable Yet Cool Fashion Sense ...

Cool celebrity fashion and weird celebrity fashion often walk hand in hand, proving that playing it safe doesn’t always have to be a good thing! Some celebs always manage to surprise us in that good, Oh-that’s-so-him/her way, some make us go like, “What? You’ve got to be kidding me?” but that’s just Hollywood for you. And while some famous folks look like they’re trying too much and are therefore a bit annoying (think: Kim-K and Miley), there are some that don’t have to try hard to look differently. They have their own thing going on and the world loves them for it! How many of them can you think of? Well, let me share a few names in cool celebrity fashion I find interesting.

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Helena Bonham Carter

Just as wacky and brilliant as her husband-slash-partner, famous director Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter definitely gives the term cool celebrity fashion a brand new meaning! Forget about these new stars eager to shock and awe now when everyone’s doing it – Helena’s had her own style since way back! Plus, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any other celebrity posing in two different colored shoes! Not even Lady Gaga! You can love her, you can hate her – the fact is that she does have her own thing going on and has always managed to stay true to her quirky self. Oh and she seems to be a fan of Vivienne Westwood’s designs, which is definitely a huge plus in my book!


She's a true original, like a walking piece of avant-garde artwork. Helena Bonham Carter throws the fashion rulebook out the window and sets trends instead of following them. With an eclectic wardrobe that ranges from gothic chic to Victorian eccentricity, she rocks every red carpet event with an air of confidence that's all her own. She pairs the oddest of prints and the most unconventional of accessories with an unapologetic flair. This fearless approach to fashion is not only refreshing but downright revolutionary in a world of cookie-cutter style. It's clear she dresses for herself and nobody else, which is the epitome of cool.


Patricia Field

Fiery red hair often coupled with red clothes and makeup, animal prints, revealing outfits – one could note that the world’s most famous stylist Patricia Field could use a stylist of her own from time to time! What we can’t deny is that this woman is absolutely brilliant and completely fearless when it comes to her wardrobe choices! And her instincts are almost always right! She might not be everyone’s cup of tea but she’s certainly rocking it, proving that you can be your fabulous self every day of your life, any day of your life, for the rest of your life!


Field's style philosophy swings bold and loud, unafraid to mix prints, colors, and eras in a way that would make a less confident dresser dizzy. She's the maestro behind Sex and the City's wardrobe – a testament to her visionary approach to fashion. With her iconic, sometimes clashing aesthetics, she embodies the idea that rules are meant to be broken, or at least bent with panache. From thigh-high boots to neon fur coats, Patricia is a walking testament to personal style over trends, and age is but a number in her fashion playbook.


Nicki Minaj

With hair bright and colorful enough to produce mating calls with at least 90% of exotic bird species known so far, eye and lip makeup that probably glows in the dark and outfits that, similar to sun, might cause blindness if stared at for too long, Nicki certainly deserves to be the queen of ridiculously dressed! Furthermore, I doubt she even belongs on this list as I find her style more questionable than cool but what the heck, she’s fun to look at and she did have a few nice red carpet appearances, not to mention a couple of zany yet cool outfits that might have looked absolutely trendy with different hair and makeup.


Marc Jacobs

Seeing him in a black, lacy, totally see-through outfit consisting of something that incredibly reminds me of a nightshirt, a pair of shoes that belong in Sherwood forest and a pair of loose cotton boxers was every bit of a surprise and not of the pleasant variety! This freakish exhibit of weird celebrity fashion aside, there are plenty of reasons to love and even look up to Marc! After all, any guy who can hop into a skirt, hang a Birkin over his elbow and still manage to look manly deserves respect and praise beyond measure. My hubby would disagree, of course, claiming that these traditionally feminine items have no business sitting in a man’s closet, but I know you gals think differently. We love Marc and his style – don’t we?


Pavel Petel

With a body of a Greek god and a style that could put both the Tooth Fairy and George Michael to shame, this Russian sort-of-DJ and performance artist could probably teach lessons in weird celebrity fashion! If he promises to wear some clothes during his lectures, that is! Preferably something with at least a minimal amount of crotch-coverage! The mere sight of his sky-high stilettos makes my heel-accustomed ankles ache, promising to land me straight into orthopedic surgery should I ever consider stepping into them! But here’s the catch- these are hardly the only things that makes him stand out. Furthermore, the only way to notice the heels is to resist the urge to avert your eyes at the sight of a blonde wig and bunny ears resting above a bearded face, sparkles and a latex outfit that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. Freaky and unnatural? Absolutely not! Try self-promotion at its finest!


Lady Gaga

Speaking about self-promotion and fashion sense most old school fashion critics would shake their heads at, tsk-tsk-tsk-ing in disapproval – let’s not forget the Mother Monster of whatever she calls herself these days! Now there’s one lady with a whacked yet cool taste in fashion! She’s a poster girl for unusual, the one whose photo you’re most likely to see whenever a crazy celebrity outfit is mentioned and one of those rare celebs who get to party like it’s Halloween 10 out of 12 months a year! And although you may never get a chance, desire or enough raw meat to copy-paste one of her red carpet outfits, you’ve got to admit she really did manage to shock and awe.


Katy Perry

Smurfette dress, a garment that might have look like a sports bra if it wasn’t for the fact that it was neon and had a strange melting effect to it… we could be discussing other crazy celebrity outfits but that just wouldn’t be fun. And there’s no doubt that the Smurfette Katy can make even the brightest, headache-inducing outfits seem fun and maybe even a tad bit less inappropriate! Well…maybe not but let’s look at the bright side - she has that vintage style I love so much and really can pick a glamorous dress! Her taste in fashion might be questionable at times yet is absolutely on the spot 7 out of 10 times, earning her a place on my list of celebs that couldn’t blend in if their life depended on it but are actually quite cool just the way they are.

What other celebrities with unique taste in fashion do you love and which of the recent crazy celebrity outfits can you single out as shocking in a really interesting way?

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you don't like miley's sense of style but you like nicki minaj's? lol whut?


i love that you included helena bonham carter!

I agree with Kate. Miley has that wholesome rocker girl thing going on for her whereas nickis fashion sense resembles the thing that comes out of my butthole.


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