7 Unconventional Project Runway Outfits You Have to See to Believe ...

Like a lot of Lifetime viewers, I love seeing unconventional Project Runway outfits. Cotton candy skirts? Birdseed tops? They remind me of high school art class, except without the weird smells and paint in my hair. While some unconventional Project Runway outfits are just plain weird, others look pretty good. They have access to muslin so the outfits are wearable, but the creativity here is just amazing. It was really hard to narrow it down to seven, but here are some of my favorites.

1. Austin Scarlett's Cornhusk Dress

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This dress was of the first unconventional Project Runway outfits. The idea was to make an attractive garment completely out of things you'd find in a grocery store. Austin decided to use cornhusks and, strangely enough, it turned out to look really good. You can tell it wasn't made from fabric, but it still reminds me of a prom or cocktail dress. If I could, I'd wear it in a second.

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