7 Most Fashionable TV Characters Who Will Inspire You ...

Sometimes I find myself getting lost in the wardrobes of fashionable TV characters rather than following the story line or plot. Who could blame me when so many iconic characters are still setting the stage for today’s fashion trends? Television shows are an excellent place to find style inspiration and discover new brands. Check out my list of some of the most fashionable TV characters and see if you can take a page from their look book!

1. Carrie Bradshaw

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When creating a list of fashionable TV characters, this one’s a given. Sex and the City is a fashion goldmine, and while some of their outfits have been a bit outlandish at times, the fashion risks that the women take are totally edgy and sexy. Carrie takes the cake when it comes to unique city fashion. This girl can totally pull off a tutu and a beater like it’s nothing.

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