7 Chic Ways to Pair Leather with Lace ...

Pair leather with lace and what do you get? Rocker rebel meets sweetheart! Contrasting elements is ingenious when it comes to fashion and thankfully so! It allows you to create your own style down to a niche whether itโ€™s a contrast between colours or a structured cut with an oversized fit. Perhaps your style is somewhere between leather and lace, or you just want to wear a bit of both for every occasion and are afraid it might not be appropriate. I assure you that need not be the cas,e no matter if you are going for a daytime look or office wear. Contrast leather with lace for the best of both worlds!

1. Lace Top, Jeans and Leather Jacket

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Everyone knows a leather jacket is a staple closet item. Itโ€™s versatile, itโ€™s timeless and itโ€™s badass! If you havenโ€™t already invested in a leather jacket, itโ€™s about time! One way you can wear a leather jacket is to throw it over a lace top and blue jeans. Yes, you read that right - leather with lace and denim! Thatโ€™s all three classics in one!

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