7 Fashion Tips on How to Wear Lace Tastefully ...

By Diana

7 Fashion Tips on How to Wear Lace Tastefully ...

If you’ve been struck with the urge to splurge on all things feminine this fall, here’s how to wear your new lace pieces in good taste. As a gal who can’t help but squeal at the sight of delicate lace numbers, I’ve rounded up 7 of my best fashion tips to help you rock the trend.

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1 Go Casual Cool

Go Casual Cool If you’re an athletic gal who’s wondering how to wear lace without changing your entire look, detailing is the perfect way to compromise. Go for a sporty chic sweater with lace patterns across the shoulders –you can even DIY it with these tips from thanksimadeitblog.com. I’d wear my work of art with my usual skinny jeans and a pair of pointed-toe flats. I can’t wait until the temperature takes a dip!

2 Don’t Go See-through

Don’t Go See-through One way to wear lace tastefully is to invest in a slip or cami. You should never walk out in a flimsy lace top that reveals your bra or a mini dress that exposes your thong. Do you really want to deal with half-naked Facebook photos when you’re applying for your first job? Didn’t think so!

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3 Play Peek-a-Boo

Play Peek-a-Boo If you’re still on the fence, test the waters with a coat or skirt that’s lined with lace underneath. This way, you can show off a tiny sliver of the trend and leave the rest to the imagination. How sexy!

4 Less Lace is More

Less Lace is More If you’re a lace newbie, it can be tempting to stock up on dainty pieces and don them all at the same time. Bad idea! To avoid looking like you’ve just stepped out of your grandmother’s closet, stick to one lace garment (like a dress or skirt) or two small accessories (like a clutch and shoes).

5 Keep the Jewelry to a Minimum

Keep the Jewelry to a Minimum One tip to keep in mind when learning how to wear lace is to limit the amount of jewelry you add to your outfit. While a pair of earrings can help spice things up, too many baubles can spell a fashion disaster. So, let your lace do the talking and save the chunky necklaces and arm parties for your neutral sweaters.

6 Live on the Edge

Live on the Edge Who knew that the quote, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space,” would perfectly apply to our pretty lace pieces? Beat the chilly fall breezes with a badass leather jacket, tights, and booties. It’s one trend collaboration you won’t regret in a few years.

7 Too Short is Scandalous

Too Short is Scandalous My last tip on how to wear lace is to avoid those super short skirts and butt-baring shorts. Keep it classy by covering up –remember, the school hallways are no place for club attire!

Now that you’ve discovered my top 7 tips on how to wear lace with elegance, which ones will you consider before hitting the mall? Do you have your own advice to add?

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wearing a lace shirt without a tank / shirt underneath is kinda slutty .

When I shop at rue21 they have lots of lace see through shirts and I see a bunch of manicans wear two shirts of lace at the same time. Is this a good idea?

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