7 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt ...


7 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt ...
7 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt ...

If you’re planning to stay totally on trend this season, you’ll need to know how to wear a leather skirt. From the runways of Prada to the streets of New York City, these little numbers have been popping up everywhere. And whether you consider yourself unapologetically edgy or fearlessly feminine, you can rock a supple leather skirt –hard. Here are 7 of the top ways to wow ‘em, ladies!

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Live on the (Fashion) Edge

Live on the (Fashion) Edge Unleash your daring side by opting for a pleated leather mini skirt, shocking pink lips, and heeled booties. You don’t have to be a rock star to dress the part!


Go Party-Girl Chic

Go Party-Girl Chic If you regularly hit the town, you’ll definitely want to know how to wear a leather skirt. Opt for a leg-baring mini and pair it with your favorite sequined top and sexy black stilettos. Feeling the chill? Throw on a pair of sheer black tights and a sleek blazer to match. You’ll certainly be turning heads –and scoring free cosmos, of course!


Keep It Professional

Keep It Professional If you’re working the 9 to 5, you’ll need to know how to wear a leather skirt while keeping your look professional. In this case, you should invest in a black leather pencil skirt and don it with a crisp white button down and pumps. A leather skirt can keep your work wardrobe fresh and bold, making you the style leader of your team. I won’t tell your real boss a thing (that’s a promise)!


Add a Feminine Touch

Add a Feminine Touch Who said leather skirts couldn’t be tamed? Paired with a silky blouse and glitzy Peter Pan necklace you’ll look super sweet –and a bit badass. It’s the perfect ensemble for your next big date. Yum!


Prep It out

Prep It out Even if you’re a regular prepster, you should still know how to wear a leather skirt. Coupled with a classic chambray button down, your leather mini will be ready for any college town. Slip on your go-to heeled loafers and saddle bag and you’re good to go!


Be Bold

Be Bold This fall, we’ll be painting the town red, yellow, and green –with our leather skirts, that is! Go ahead and greet the cool weather in a colored leather skirt. I’d pair it with a striped sweater and kitten heels for a daring yet sophisticated look.


Borrow from the Boys

Borrow from the Boys If you shudder at the sight of a skirt, then you might just want to go for a cool pair of leather shorts to match your Converse. But if you don’t mind stepping out in a mini, go pleated and above-the-knee. Then, throw on your boyfriend blazer, a white tee, and your Chucks (hey, why not?). Menswear-inspired getup with a girly twist will make you a street style star. Get ready for your close up!

These are 7 of the best ways to wear a leather skirt. How will you wear yours? Do you have any tips to add?

Top Image Source: vintageleatherind.blogspot.in

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