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40 Kimonos to Throw over Any Top ...

By Vladlena

Kimonos have become one of the most coveted trends this season and they have blown up among women of every age! What's great about this fashion piece is that it allows light coverage and gives off a very bohemian, and ethereal feel to everyday outfits. Kimonos are comfortable, light and most of all fashionable, and common ladies, how can we turn down a piece that is stylish and cozy!?

1 Keeping It Boho Kimono

Keeping It Boho KimonoVia Keeping It Boho in a ...

Historically kimonos are Japanese traditional garments that are worn by men and women, and the word 'kimono' itself literary means 'something to wear'. So if you are ever on a hunt for something to throw over with an intention of looking effortlessly cute, grab a patterned kimono like this!

2 Desert Wanderer Tassel Kimono

Desert Wanderer Tassel KimonoVia

If you are one of those girls who keepsher closet all black, you seriously need a bold statement piece like this!

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3 Butterfly Kimono Jacket

Butterfly Kimono JacketVia Art Symphony: The Kimono Jacket

This butterfly kimono can accentuate any body type and fit any personal style!

4 Floral Mint Kimono

Floral Mint KimonoVia Outfits

The color of this kimono is refreshing and definitely summer ready! This is a perfect piece to sport on a hot summer day or a long day at the pool.

5 Ikat Print Kimono with Tassles

Ikat Print Kimono with TasslesVia Surfer Style 101: Tag Along ...

You can definitely take it up a notch with this eye-catching kimono that can spice up any plain outfit.

6 Aboriginal Print Kimono

Aboriginal Print KimonoVia My Style

There is something easy and effortlessly sexy about kimonos. They make getting ready in the morning so much easier!

7 Deep Navy Floral Kimono

Deep Navy Floral KimonoVia The Peacenik Blue Floral Print ...

Floral patterns and kimonos are completely in this season, put these two things together and you got yourself a winner!

8 Rose Hue Floral Kimono

Rose Hue Floral KimonoVia Tops | WOMEN | Forever ...

And if blue doesn't go well with your skin tone, you can always go for the other end of the spectrum toward much warmer colors!

9 Cherry Blossom Woven Kimono

Cherry Blossom Woven KimonoVia Tops | WOMEN | Forever ...

This Cherry Blossom kimono is so lightweight you barely feel it on! It's cute, stylish and cheap enough to stock up on!

10 Monochrome Kimono

Monochrome KimonoVia

Love just how much depth and dimension this throw-over kimono brings to this casual outfit!

11 Black and Gold Rose Kimono

Black and Gold Rose KimonoVia Fashionista

Absolutely adore this luxurious and exquisite kimono that is good enough to be worn by royalty!

12 Black Rose Kimono

Black Rose KimonoVia

With a throw-over like this, all you need to do is keep things simple underneath and go with the flow!

13 Floral Printed Kimono Jacket

Floral Printed Kimono JacketVia Princess Jujube: Qual seu look ...

This kimono definitely reminds me of a beautiful Japanese garden, it's refreshing and very flattering.

14 Storm Tassel Kimono

Storm Tassel KimonoVia FP Me User We Love: ...

This is one cover up that will turn some heads. It's bold, daring and definitely something that deserves to be a part of your clothing collection.

15 Black and White Print Kimono

Black and White Print KimonoVia STREET STYLE | PRONTA E ...

If you are trying to keep things simple, this throw-over was cut out for you! It's conservative and strict but still laid back and low key.

16 Black and Red Fringe Kimono

Black and Red Fringe KimonoVia The Urban Bohemian

Love the dark colors of this kimono with fringe extending down to the knees.

17 Romantic Dark Floral Kimono

Romantic Dark Floral KimonoVia Etsy :: Your place to ...

Light and dainty pieces like this allow you to layer up even on the hottest day of the year.

18 Feather Kimono with Arm Holes

Feather Kimono with Arm HolesVia $66 jacket available on

This is not your typical kimono design, this piece turns in at the hem and comes with slits for the arms. It's something different and we are liking it!

19 Spotted Kimono Jacket

Spotted Kimono JacketVia Potter's Pot Print Kimono Jacket ...

With a kimono jacket like this you can transform your look from day to night.

20 Aztec Print Kimono

Aztec Print KimonoVia

This aztec print kimono completes the perfect summer look comprised of an elegant ruffled romper topped off with tousled half up-half down hair.

21 See-through Floral Kimono

See-through Floral KimonoVia

Floral print, fringe and light material, what more do you need for your summer wardrobe?

22 Colorful Fringe Kimono

Colorful Fringe KimonoVia

We've already seen many kimonos with fringe but not many of them had fringe on the sleeves! This gives a very different look and adds a little pizzazz to this piece.

23 Floral Kimono Maxi Dress

Floral Kimono Maxi DressVia Dresses | WOMEN | Forever ...

Forever21 takes a different take on kimonos and makes a hybrid out of two things we absolutely love: maxi dresses and floral kimonos!

24 Nude Kimono

Nude KimonoVia

This creme kimono features sheer lace panels with raw-cut sleeves and hem.

25 Mint Green Kimono

Mint Green KimonoVia Cute Dresses, Trendy Tops, Fashion ...

In love with the lace detailing going through the sleeves and hem of this plain mint kimono! It's so elegant and feminine!

26 Triangle Kimono


The intensity of this throw-over is worth investing into. It's fun, bold and plain fashionable.

27 Light Pink Fringe Kimono

Light Pink Fringe KimonoVia 50 Hot New Looks For ...

Wish you could come out of your house in your robe without being judged? Well this is the closest thing you will ever get and instead you might actually catch a few compliments!

28 Large Rose Print Kimono

Large Rose Print KimonoVia Items similar to take another ...

Why ease your way in with small scaled patterns when you can dive into fashion with large prints like this!

29 Black Kimono

Black KimonoVia Swell

Love the western cowboy/Mexican poncho feel of this kimono. It's eye-catching and very edgy!

30 Velvet Kimono

Velvet KimonoVia How to Chic: BOHO CHIC ...

This pattern reminds me of my grandma's table cloth but hey, who knew that it can be turned into something worth capturing on film!

31 Fringed Flower Kimono in Emerald Waters by Myee Carlyle

Fringed Flower Kimono in Emerald Waters by Myee CarlyleVia Myee Carlyle Fringed Flower Kimono ...

The combination of gold and emerald blue is definitely on point. It's so fresh and so youthful!

32 Blue Floral Print Kimono

Blue Floral Print KimonoVia Daily Chic | Daily Chic

It's nice to see a small floral print in cool colors with a little more variety than what we are used to seeing.

33 Pure Black Fringe Kimono

Pure Black Fringe KimonoVia Esther Boutique

All black outfits never get old but they are even better when topped with all black fringe kimonos for more texture and depth!

34 Sheer Teal Kimono

Sheer Teal KimonoVia How to lose weight fast ...

The Tiffany blue detailing adds a little summer flair while the see-through material contributes to the flirtiness of the piece.

35 Warm Toned Kimono

Warm Toned KimonoVia Arnhem Clothing – Blog – ...

The best things about kimono is that they can be paired with sneakers, heels, and even boots!

36 Ankle Kimono

Ankle KimonoVia Soy cappuccinos and croissants

The light material of most kimonos make you look like a goddess on the go!

37 Kimono Cover up

Kimono Cover upVia ily

Selena Gomez demonstrated the duality of kimono pieces, not only can you wear them on a daily basis but also use them as a cover up!

38 Japanese Floral Kimono Jacket

Japanese Floral Kimono JacketVia

Miley Cyrus joins the trend and sports one of the cutest mint kimonos with double layers.

39 Red and Black Fringe Kimono Jacket

Red and Black Fringe Kimono JacketVia Charcoal alley : Adore Me ...

There is always something dangerous about black and red combinations. However add a little bit of fringe into that ensemble and it's a party!

40 Peachy Kimono

Peachy KimonoVia

Kimonos don't always have to be bold and daring, some pieces work best when they are low-key and reserved!

If you don't already own a few kimonos as a part of your wardrobe, it's time you make a new addition to your closet while the weather allows you to do so. Don't miss out on this super fun trend! Which of these kimonos will you be purchasing next?

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