6 Clothing Items Every Short Girl Should Own ...

By Kristina

6 Clothing  Items  Every  Short Girl  Should Own  ...

There are some great clothing items every short woman should own. For all those who are considered to be short, there are always the same issues. Going to the clothing store and finding those perfect jeans you looked for everywhere, but realizing you will need to shorten them in order to actually wear them properly. It is hard finding decent clothes when everything seems to be so long compared to your height. Do not worry, we thought about you ladies and here are 6 clothing items every short woman should own.

Table of contents:

  1. v-neck blouse
  2. midi dress that does not look like a maxi dress!
  3. perfect jeans
  4. vertical lines
  5. pencil skirts
  6. high waist shorts

1 V-Neck Blouse

Were you even aware of the fact that a v-neck blouse can actually do miracles in your case? The v-neck actually takes away the attention from your waist and makes you look less tiny. Try picking a light material that is breathable and comfortable to wear and you're all set with one of the best clothing items every short woman should own.

2 Midi Dress That Does Not Look like a Maxi Dress!

Everyone already knows the struggle - picking that lovely midi dress that actually looks like a maxi dress on you. Worst thing ever! Now before you go through this same issue again, try looking around for a dress that is just a little bit over your knees, that way you will look taller and maybe even slimmer if you are lucky!

3 Perfect Jeans

Picking perfect jeans is probably the hardest thing of all, but somehow, we all have at least one pair of jeans that is perfect and so do you. If you are still doubting that you do, just go ahead and try on all of the jeans you own, but this time try combining them with different footwear. Obviously, if you wear high heels, your jeans should be always a little bit longer than the jeans you wear when you are in your sneakers.

4 Vertical Lines

In case you did not know, vertical lines actually make you look taller! If you pick horizontal lines, you will get the opposite effect, and that is probably something you do not want at all. Vertical lines are a great choice; not only do they make you look taller, they also make you look skinnier.

5 Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are one of the most important pieces of clothing to every woman out there because they make you look taller and narrower than any other skirt out there. In case you thought these skirts are a boring choice, think about it twice!

6 High Waist Shorts

The easiest way to add inches to your body is creating an illusion that you have a little bit longer legs than you actually do. Wearing high waist shorts will make your hips look taller as well as give more length to your legs.

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