10 Cool Vintage-Inspired Dresses ...

Vintage Inspired Dresses are the thing to wear when you want to feel glamorous, sexy, different, lady-like, when you want gents tripping over their feet to open the door for you or simply feel like today is the perfect day to be mistaken for Dita Von Teese (or maybe another femme fatale you admire) and asked to sign a bunch of autographs. Now, I know some people donโ€™t think vintage inspired dresses should be worn as everyday clothes but I have to disagree and, in order to prove my point, Iโ€™ve decided to show you 10 vintage inspired dresses that are so stylish, chic and wearable, that even the biggest vintage anti-fans might consider wearing them:

1. Blue Sun Dress

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Price: $94.99 at modcloth.com
This deliciously simple vintage inspired dress has homemade cookies written all over it! In fact, just seeing it makes my nose start working extra hard trying to detect those non-existing smells that should be coming from the kitchen. Wear this retro summer dress when youโ€™re expecting guests and, if those guests happen to be his parentsโ€ฆ well, make sure you have some cookies ready to be served. They can be store-bought, of course!

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