10 Great Gatsby Inspired Dresses ...

By Sophia

10 Great Gatsby Inspired Dresses ...

Great Gatsby inspired dresses seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment. The new movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan is about to be released, and what better way to get into the swing of things than with a few Jazz Age inspired dresses? The Great Gatsby (the book and previous movie versions) has been a source of fashion inspiration for ages, and this season many dresses are taking a cue from the Roaring Twenties. Take a look at these shimmying Great Gatsby inspired dresses.

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1 Cream Drop Waist Dress

Cream Drop Waist Dress First up on our list of Great Gatsby inspired dresses is a cream drop waist dress that is very much in the style of Daisy Buchanan. Wear a lightweight drop waist dress with T-bar shoes and a cloche for a real 1920s inspired daytime look. This dress is $70 from River Island but you can also try ASOS and Urban Outfitters for a range of drop waist dresses.

2 Lace Maxi Dress

Lace Maxi Dress When picking out a Great Gatsby inspired dress, go for styles that are relaxed and allow movement, like shift or column-style dresses. A lace maxi dress like this version from River Island can be worn during the day for a lush garden party or dressed up at night with jewels for something more extravagant.

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3 Embellished Flapper Dress

Embellished Flapper Dress Really get into the swing of things with an embellished flapper-style dress. They’re perfect for pretending that you’re at one of Jay Gatsby’s over-the-top parties. Add some bangles and a pair of dancing shoes and you’re good to go. This dress from Miss Selfridge is pretty expensive at close to $200 but you can find more affordable styles at Modcloth.

4 Metallic Maxi Dress

Metallic Maxi Dress Go for an elegant look in a stunning floor-length dress. This Topshop dress is pretty pricey but you can find more affordable versions at places like ASOS. Jazz up this demure and ladylike dress with strands of pearls and feather trimmed accessories.

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5 Art Deco Printed Dress

Art Deco Printed Dress Bold prints are all the rage right now, so what better way to channel the 1920s era than with a graphic Art Deco inspired print? An Art Deco print dress is perfect for making a statement in. Not keen on dropping $600 for this Sass & Bide number? Then try Modcloth, Dorothy Perkins, and ASOS for affordable yet equally stylish options.

6 Fringed Dress

Fringed Dress While they wouldn’t have been wearing leather back in the 1920s, fringing was a fashionable choice at the time. This Topshop leather fringed dress is a much more contemporary take on a Gatsby-inspired style. Take inspiration from this design and check out ASOS and Kohl’s for a range of stylish fringed dresses.

7 Feathered Trimmed Dress

Feathered Trimmed Dress For that luxe Great Gatsby inspired look, then look out for clothes with feather trims. They help give dresses that luxurious edge. This Nina Ricci dress costs a whopping $7500 but you can find much, much more affordable versions at ASOS and Free People.

8 Sequined Dress

Sequined Dress Nothing says all out glamour better than a sequined dress. Choose one with a shift or drop waist design to really channel that 1920s feel. This Forever Unique dress from River Island will set you back a couple of hundred dollars but you can find cheaper styles at Kohl’s and JCPenney.

9 Tiered Midi Dress

Tiered Midi Dress A tiered dress is kind of on the same level as a fringed dress, but much less showy. You could easily wear a tiered midi dress during the day with a floppy sunhat and flat sandals. This tiered dress is from Topshop and could easily be dressed up or down.

10 Pink Embellished Swing Dress

Pink Embellished Swing Dress This blush pink swing dress is perfectly ladylike. You don’t even need to add a string of pearls as the collar already comes embellished with them. This dress costs around $70 from Miss Selfridge and you can find similar styles at ASOS and Topshop.

For the full Great Gatsby effect, be sure to team your dresses with bejewelled earrings, a string of pearls, and embellished headdresses. Are you a fan of The Great Gatsby? Which of these dresses do you like best?

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I wish you would have included some of the more affordable options that you kept mentioning in the article

i personally think some of them look like for pregnant women... and i love the tiered midi dress the most!

These dress are absolutely incredible! I love it!

I'm in love with the movie! Saw it yesterday <3

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