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34 Stunning Vintage Dresses You Are Going to Want in Your Closet ...

By Eliza

Even if you're not someone who normally wears vintage dresses, I think you'll agree that these are pretty fabulous. I love wearing dresses from time to time and would really stand out with one of these beautiful numbers in my closet. Whether you shop vintage or not, you will enjoy scrolling through these photos and dreaming about the days when they were originally worn. Can you imagine? Check out all of these vintage dresses, then let me know which one is your favorite.

Table of contents:

  1. Black and white
  2. Gray lace
  3. Blush lace and chiffon
  4. Gingham dress and sweater
  5. Brilliant blue
  6. Shifting colors
  7. Red and white
  8. Floral pattern
  9. Polka dots
  10. Silk floral with a drop waist
  11. Little black dress
  12. With a belt
  13. Black and white halter dress
  14. Mod retro
  15. Lace blue taffeta
  16. Blue and white
  17. Bright red
  18. A string of pearls
  19. Black lace
  20. Bow in the back
  21. Long and flowing
  22. With big flowers
  23. Vintage couture fashion
  24. White chiffon
  25. Super girly
  26. White and lacy
  27. Cuffed and collared
  28. Rosy pink on top
  29. Fit for a wedding
  30. Garden party dress
  31. For a formal occasion
  32. Mustard silk
  33. Bright pink
  34. Pink and girly

1 Black and White

Via vintage 1950s dress . ivory ...
The black and white color palette makes this one of my favorite vintage dresses of all time.

2 Gray Lace

Via Mercure dress • vintage 1950s ...
A lacy gray dress is certainly different, but lovely all the same.

3 Blush Lace and Chiffon

Via vintage 1950s dress . blush ...
This dress is so 1950s. Would you wear it? I'd love to own something in this color.


A dress like this looks even better topped with a cute sweater. Adorable!

5 Brilliant Blue

Via Pop Culture And Fashion Magic
Imagine the reaction you'd get if you walked into a party wearing this dress.

6 Shifting Colors

Via Pop Culture And Fashion Magic
I love how the colors seem to blend and shift with one another. Really unique, don't you think?

7 Red and White

Via Wedding Blog | Pretty Chicky
The red color really stands out against the white. This would be a fun dress to wear out on the town.

8 Floral Pattern

Via Beautiful 50s inspired cocktail dress ...
The great floral pattern of this dress makes it something really special.

9 Polka Dots

Via Fashionable Modest Layering Tops | ...
Polka dots had their heyday and even though they are still a classic, they will never look as good as this.

10 Silk Floral with a Drop Waist

Via Gorgeous 1950's Silk Floral Print ...
The turquoise color of this dress makes it stand out in a really good way.

11 Little Black Dress

Via vintage 1950s dress . SUZY ...
Every girl needs her own LBD, and this one fits the bill just right. Do you love it?

12 With a Belt

Via cotton S 6XL rockabilly pin ...
Adding a belt to a dress gives it a retro flair that will get you loads of compliments.

13 Black and White Halter Dress

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
The halter top and bow on this dress makes it super cute. I think I'd wear it, what about you?

14 Mod Retro

Via Cheers for Tiers Dress | ...
This dress was great back then, but it still wonderful today.

15 Lace Blue Taffeta

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
This dress might only be inspired by vintage patterns, but it still looks pretty great to me.

16 Blue and White

Via Reserved for Julie Vintage 1950's ...
I love the style of this dress with the blue over the white and tied with a bow.

17 Bright Red

Via Vintage 50s Elegant Scarf Chiffon ...
Your closet isn't truly complete without the addition of a drop dead gorgeous dress like this one.

18 A String of Pearls

Via 1940's/50's
Give your entire look a vintage vibe by adding a string of pearls around your neck.

19 Black Lace

Via couture
Take any simple black dress to the next level by choosing one in lace.

20 Bow in the Back

Via vintage 1950s dress - party ...
Any vintage dress can be topped off with a lovely bow tied in the back.

21 Long and Flowing

Via Augusta Auctions
This dress is a bit different from so many vintage styles that you see, but it would be great for a formal occasion.

22 With Big Flowers

Via vintage 1950s dress . black ...
A dress covered in big bright flowers is one you can never go wrong with.

23 Vintage Couture Fashion

Via Hatstruck Couture Millinery: Vintage Millinery, ...
What do you think of this dress? I love the color and the flowers.

24 White Chiffon

Via 24 hour hold /// vintage ...
This would make the most perfect summer dress. The color and style are just right.

25 Super Girly

Via StylingOn Blog Personal Stylist | ...
This dress is ultra feminine with its puffed sleeves, little bow and flared hemline.

26 White and Lacy

Via Make-up & other girlie stuff
I can see a bride walking down the aisle in this dress sometime in the past.

27 Cuffed and Collared

Via Vintage 1950s Dress . White ...
This dress with the cuffs and make it formal.

28 Rosy Pink on Top

Via Items similar to R e ...
The pink top on this dress makes it a bit more playful than the traditional little black dress.

29 Fit for a Wedding

Via Vintage 1950's Ceil Chapman Silk ...
Any bride or her bridesmaids would look vintage and lovely wearing this dress down the aisle.

30 Garden Party Dress

Via Chic Vtg 50s Cotton GARDEN ...
Garden parties aren't as popular as they used to be, but I'm pretty sure I could still find a reason to wear this dress.

31 For a Formal Occasion

Via Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique - ...
This stunning black dress would be perfect for wearing to a black tie event. You'd be the belle of the ball.

32 Mustard Silk

Via 1950s dress / silk 50s ...
The color palette on this dress is fabulous, don't you think?

33 Bright Pink

If you really want to stand out, a vintage dress in bright pink is just the thing.

35 Pink and Girly

Via Vintage 1950s Dress Pink Tulle ...
This dress would be a dream come true. I'd wear it with sparkly silver heels.

Do you shop for vintage clothing? I don't own a ton of it, but I'd love to expand my collection. Which one is on the top of your wish list?

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