7 Coolest Careers in Fashion ...


Careers in Fashion are cool, glamorous but, unfortunately too popular which means you’ll have to work very hard and know a lot of people if you want to join fashion industry’s crème de la crème. Now, many people believe all careers in fashion require knowing everything there is to know about trends and brands but it’s not really true so I guess it’s safe to say talent, knowledge, skills and, for some careers, looks count as well. So, check out these popular, incredibly cool careers in fashion and see for yourself! Who knows, maybe one of these turns out to be your ideal job!

1. Model

One of the most popular fashion jobs and the first thing people usually think about whenever careers in fashion are mentioned is, of course, modeling! Now, being a model isn’t easy ladies and if you’re a Top Model fan, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You need to have the right height, right body, right weight right face, right hair and what’s right in the fashion world often isn’t “right” for you. For those willing to work hard, modeling can be a very cool, not to mention incredibly glamorous and well paying job. Every man dreams about dating a model and every woman dreams about being one but let’s not forget all that media exposure, plenty of chances to meet famous people, high paying contracts and, oh, all that fabulous designer clothes!

Fashion Photographer
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