7 Core Fashion Rules for Girls Who Want to Wear Bold Colours but Don't Know How ...


7 Core Fashion Rules for Girls Who Want to Wear Bold Colours but Don't Know How ...
7 Core Fashion Rules for Girls Who Want to Wear Bold Colours but Don't Know How ...

Bold colours are great for making a statement, but too much of them in one outfit can easily look like too much is going on! ✨

Although the idea of wearing bold colours might seem scary to some, it can be done quite easily by following a few tricks and tips to dressing them in the best way as well as pairing them with the right kind of pieces! ❤️

Keep reading for everything you need to know about wearing bold colours and comment your thoughts! 💋

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Start with Accessories

Before you dive in head first into heaps of bold colours, it's good to take baby steps as this will help you add a little bit more colour each time without going totally overboard!

Start off buy wearing simple but colourful accessories such as a bright necklace, beanie or handbag and pair this will a fairly natural outfit such as black, white or grey.


Consider Your Physical Appearance

Another thing you should consider before you start wearing bold colours is your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. You may have found that some colours don't look good on you or are super hard to pull off (but might look great on other people you know) and in contrast there will be some colours you wear all the time because it looks great on you!

This is because not every colour suits everyone, so the best thing you can do is consider these factors and try various bold colours to see if they work together or not.


Strike a Colour Balance

When wearing bold colours it's important to strike a colour balance overall, so that there's an equal amount of bold colours vs neutral colours.

You can do this by opting for a top that's a bold colour like orange, red, blue, green or yellow and pairing it with black or white skirts, shorts and even pants.

This is the best way to make sure you haven't gone over the top with your bold colours, so keep it even and balanced!


Pair It with Denim

Denim has proven to work really well when paired with bright and/or bold colours! It's great for offsetting the bold colour you've opted for, so this is another great trick you can use when dipping your toe into the pool of bold colour!


Try Colour Blocking

Colour blocking can be easily achieved by simply pairing two pieces together that are both plain (as in no prints, patterns or designs) that are block colours, although of different shades. For example you could pair a plain, bright red top with a plain black skirt. Solid colours look great together!


Keep It to a Minimum

Bold colours speak for themselves and are great for making a fashion statement, so you don't need a whole lot of your outfit to be bold and totally out there to achieve this! Keep it to a minimum by choosing one bold colour to work in an outfit overall - this will ensure that piece gets to speak for itself!


Pair with Black for Safety

Black is a great colour to pair with any bold colour in your outfit. It will provide a great balance and is pretty much the perfect contrast since bold colours are generally bright and on the lighter side, while black is much of the opposite. It's good to incorporate black whenever you can, just to be on the safe side!

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