7 Core Fashion Rules for Girls Who Want to Wear Bold Colours but Don't Know How πŸ’‹ ❀️ ✨ ...

Bold colours are great for making a statement, but too much of them in one outfit can easily look like too much is going on! ✨

Although the idea of wearing bold colours might seem scary to some, it can be done quite easily by following a few tricks and tips to dressing them in the best way as well as pairing them with the right kind of pieces! ❀️

Keep reading for everything you need to know about wearing bold colours and comment your thoughts! πŸ’‹

1. Start with Accessories

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Before you dive in head first into heaps of bold colours, it's good to take baby steps as this will help you add a little bit more colour each time without going totally overboard!

Start off buy wearing simple but colourful accessories such as a bright necklace, beanie or handbag and pair this will a fairly natural outfit such as black, white or grey.

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