These 10 Simple Tips Upscale Your Style Factor Ten-Fold ...


These 10 Simple Tips Upscale Your Style Factor Ten-Fold ...
These 10 Simple Tips Upscale Your Style Factor Ten-Fold ...

As the weather changes, so does your style. If you have a stylist, you might have heard these style tips once or twice before. Here's how to upgrade your wardrobe with these 10 simple tips. You'll be sure to upscale your style factor ten-fold!

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Don't Overdo It

Less is always more. Simple, chic, and classic looks look better than going overboard with too much layering, accessorizing, and loud patterns.


Don't Be a Mirror Copy of Fashion Trends

You want to wear what complements your body and personal style, so don't feel like you have to go out and buy an exact replica outfit just because your favorite celebrity is wearing it. For example, I love crop tops, plunging necklines, and body con dresses, but they're totally not me. Wearing what you love will radiate confidence.


Stop Overthinking Everything

If it doesn't feel right or easy, don't pick it! One day you might love to rock an edgier outfit because it fits your mood. Another day, it might not. If you're happy with your outfit choice, go for it.


Black on Black All the Time

This is a great go-to look, but don't be afraid of color. Spice things up and do something different, especially if you open your closet and more than half of your clothes are black.


Stop Buying Only Expensive Clothes

Labels aren't everything. That dress you see a celeb wearing? Ya, you can probably find that exact same one for way less. Don't be afraid of vintage stores or thrift shops--they're your friend. They'll give you that effortless classy touch at a great price.


Repeating Your Outfit is Ok

If you're afraid of being an outfit repeater, don't be. It would be pointless to wear something only once. Imagine how big of a closet you would have to have to do so. Style icons fearlessly repeat their favorite outfit of the day...even on social media. So why should you be afraid?


Mix, Don't Match

Take a tip from the pros: mix a basic with one fashion trend. This is a fail proof formula to create your dream wardrobe.


Stay Classy and Not Skimpy

Skin tight and revealing clothes does not always equal sexy. You can still flaunt it in classy clothes, which obviously is especially important in the office.


Don't Overlook the Little Details

You always focus on the main thing (your dress, top, or bottoms) but don't forget the small details. Accessories can be so underrated sometimes. Play up your jewelry and shoes for a complete and put together look.


Stop Caring What Other People Think

If you love what you're wearing, why let people hold you back? Happy girls are the prettiest girls of course, so if you love an outfit that no one else is wearing, why be afraid to wear it?

Fashion should be fun. It shows your personality in a creative way, so show the world you're presentable, fashionable, and confident. What's your favorite look this season? Comment below!

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Just got a classic mid-length camel a-line coat, plain (even the buttons are hidden) so i can accessorize with scarves and pins. Stand up collar, decent quality, $170.00 from StyleWe.

Oversized sweater.,Leggings and a plaid shacket

Oversize jumper with leather leggings

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