10 Genius Fashion Hacks for Petite Women ...

By Lucy

10 Genius Fashion Hacks for Petite Women ...

Being petite myself (5'3 and what ✌️), I can totally understand the struggle of things like getting clothes to fit you or finding ways to appear taller. Below are some of my favourite hacks that petite women can totally use when it comes to fashion 😍 👠 ❤️

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1 Rock the Midi Skirt

If you want to wear something longer than a mini but you don't think you can pull off a maxi, opt for a midi length as it's super similar to the maxi but will still show off your legs!

2 Stock up on Ankle Boots

When it comes to footwear, petite women should opt for ankle boots. Again, these are a great choice for showing off your legs while still looking super stylish! If you want to go for taller footwear, though, make sure they have a decent size heels for extra height.

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3 Get It Tailored Properly

Like I said before, I can totally understand the struggle of getting clothes to fit right. Unfortunately, this is just the reality sometimes so your best bet is to take it to someone who can tailor your pieces to fit you properly!

4 Shop the Petite Range

You might be surprised at how many stores and online websites have a special petite range nowadays. These sizes are especially made for petite women, so for once you won't have to worry about clothes being too big or baggy on you!

5 Opt for Vertical Lines

Since vertical lines draw the eye upwards rather than across, they're a great way for petite women to appear much taller and thinner, especially when it comes to prints! Also, choose thin and narrow lines over anything on the wider side.

6 Keep Belts Narrow

The trouble with wide belts is that they can easily cut your figure in half and therefore makes you look shorter. Instead, opt for narrow belts which are great for achieving the opposite!

7 Wear Bags Accordingly

Unfortunately big or oversized bags can overwhelm anyone with a small frame or who is petite. This is why you should wear bags according to their size, and go for small to medium sized bags which will be in proportion to your small frame!

8 Choose Lightweight Fabrics

For petite women, choosing lightweight fabrics is a great way to go for the illusion of height! On the other hand, the opposite can cause you to look weighed down as therefore not as tall.

9 Wear One Colour

The science behind wearing an outfit that's all one colour is that we will automatically see a vertical image. Since vertical = height, this is a great tip for petite women who wish to appear taller!

10 Be Strategic with Dresses

For an unbroken vertical line opt for dresses over skirts when possible. Empire dresses and V-neck wrap dresses with a high waist are both styles that work well for petite women as they will lengthen your bottom half!

Do you have any other fashion hacks for petite women to add to the list? I would love to know so please comment below! ❤️

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I hate being petite,I always wanted to be super model tall,plus half of the petite fashion 'rules' are terrible hair the time,i don't feel like guys take me serious cause Im so small

THANKS for sharing👍

I'm like 4'11 clearly I'm not blessed w height genes 😭

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