Fab Tips to Class Your Jeans to Wear Them to Work ...


Fab Tips to Class  Your Jeans to Wear Them to Work ...
Fab Tips to Class  Your Jeans to Wear Them to Work ...

Jeans are often thought of a no-no when it comes to wearing them to work, but did you know that you can totally pull it off when styled the right way? Here are just a few pointers on how you can turn those weekend jeans into a great outfit appropriate for the work place! 😊 👖 👌

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Dark over Light

clothing, footwear, lady, beauty, leg, A dark wash is always a better choice when it comes to wearing jeans to work. Your average light wash jeans are super common for casual wear and what you would probably slip on when doing jobs on the weekend, right? You definitely don’t want to be giving this super laidback impression at work! So remember, stick with dark wash for work and also opt for a super skinny pair for added sleekness.


Pair Them with a Blazer

white, clothing, sleeve, outerwear, fashion, Blazers will guarantee you a sophisticated and professional look, so what better than to pair them with jeans for a great work outfit? If you go with a super feminine cream or white colour you’ll have a great colour contrast. Alternatively you can opt for a professional grey or even a classy black – perfect for if you want to play it safe and stick to neutrals!


Add a Pair of Heels

clothing, footwear, fashion, spring, leg, When wearing jeans to work, it’s really important to choose appropriate footwear to complete the look so that it still looks totally suitable to be worn in the office. Yup, you guessed it, that means keeping your favourite sneakers and sandals for weekend wear only and instead opt for a classy pair of heels or pumps – perfect for warm, summery weather. For colder seasons, though, a pair of sleek ankle boots is your new best friend!


Tuck Your Blouse in

clothing, black, footwear, outerwear, coat, Another great way to make your jeans look super work appropriate is to tuck in your blouse, as this will instantly give you a much more polished and professional look. Alternatively, you can tuck in the front part of your blouse and leave the back untucked if you want to mix it up a little! Try to avoid leaving the whole blouse untucked, as this can not only look super casual but also a bit sloppy for the work place.


Sparkle It up

clothing, footwear, jacket, leather, outerwear, Now I know you’re probably wondering how sparkles can work in the workplace, am I right? With this one you have to be a bit careful not to go over the top to the point where it’s not really appropriate for work. The best way to incorporate a little sparkle in your outfit is to opt for something like a jacket with a subtle sheen to it or even a blouse embroidered with sequins!


Jazz It up

clothing, black, footwear, leather, fur, If sparkles on jackets and blouses isn’t really your thing, you could always go for something cute like a black cardigan with a faux fur collar or even a light blush shade with floral detail on the front. These details are much more subtle than adding sparkle, so it’s much easier to play it safe by opting for these on your choice of blouse or cardigan!


Belts Are Best

clothing, lady, human positions, leg, supermodel, And lastly, don’t forget to add a belt to complete your look for the workplace! Belts are a super simple yet effective way to make your jeans look even more professional and work appropriate. With this in mind, you might want to stick to a plain black belt as this is the best way for doing so. If you have one, try out a black leather belt with your dark wash jeans for a great work outfit!

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