7 Uses for a Scarf That Make It the Must-Have Accessory for Fall ...

I have to admit that I have a slight scarf addiction and am always looking for new uses for a scarf to justify my habit. I have a huge bin of fashion scarves, winter scarves, summer scarves, and just about any kind you can think of. Scarves are inexpensive, make for a sassy, yet classy, accessory any woman can use, and they come in tons of colors and styles so you never get tired of the same one. Much like shoes, a girl just can’t have too many scarves. Yet, if you think scarves are just for wearing around your neck, think again! Try my favorite 7 uses for a scarf that might not be the newest idea out there, but are some of the easiest and prettiest ways to wear them of all.

1. As a Cute Headwrap

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Anybody can pull off this look, which makes it one of the best uses for a scarf of all. Whether you have short or long hair, a scarf makes a great headwrap, especially on a bad hair day. With all the different prints out there, feel free to add as much or as little color to your hairstyle with a scarf of your choice. I like paisley prints for everyday uses, and leopard prints for a bit more sass! Here’s a great video to teach you how to make one in minutes!

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