Top Denim Trends to Follow This Spring ...

By Carly

Top Denim Trends to Follow This Spring ...

Denim is a fashion staple that has been around for decades! The fabric itself is definitely here to stay, but something that definitely does swap and change with the times is the way that we like to style and wear it. If you look back on ten, even five years ago, some of the denim styles from back then look so out of place compared to now! To make sure you stay on point, here are some of the top denim trends to follow this spring.

Table of contents:

  1. coloured denim
  2. corduroy
  3. boiler suits
  4. mom style
  5. details

1 Coloured Denim

The classic blue of denim will always be timeless, but this spring is a time to experiment with all of the different colours that you can find in stores. You might think that denim loses its classic vibes when it isn’t a shade of blue, but the more you explore with your own style, the more you will see that that isn’t true.

2 Corduroy

Corduroy comes in an out of fashion, and spring 2019 is set to be a year where corded denim it is very much in! There is something really vintage and retro feeling about corduroy, and those are two buzz words that have been mentioned a lot in the key trends of this year so far.

3 Boiler Suits

It’s time to bring back some of that of sexy Flashdance realness with denim boiler suits! They might not be the most convenient garment when you need to go to the bathroom, but there is no doubting that boiler suits are pretty much top of the tree in terms of denim trends this year. You can expect to see them gracing the shelves of every high street store.

4 Mom Style

When fashionistas talk about mom style, they mean things like denim jackets, shirts, and in particular, anything oversized that looks like it might have come out of the 90s. They say that fashion is cyclical, and it very much feels like mom style denim is going to be back in a big way this season!

5 Details

Pay special attention to the details of your denim garments this spring. You won’t to have stand out buttons, raw hems, even some slight embellishments near the ankle to bring attention to any amazing shoes that you might be wearing. Show off the denim, but also let the denim you off as well!

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