7 Different Types of Dresses for Different Body Types ...


7 Different Types of Dresses for Different Body Types ...
7 Different Types of Dresses for Different Body Types ...

Did you know that there are different dresses for different body types? What I mean is that some dress types work better for some figures than others. I haven’t always given this a lot of thought. But as I have begun to wear dresses more, I have learned that there are different dresses for different body types. This is good information to know so you can choose what is most flattering for your body.

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Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses I love maxi dresses. But you have to be careful with them if you are a petite woman like I am. It is best to choose a small print if you are under five foot four. Thankfully, maxi dresses can be for anyone. They are especially good for women who have a long torso or those that have a slightly boyish figure because it builds in feminine curves. It is good to know that there are dresses for different body types.


Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dresses Wrap dresses are wonderful for women who have a pear shaped body. They accentuate the small waist a woman with a pear shaped body has. Wrap dresses are also good for women who want to accentuate the proportions of their body. It pulls attention to a woman’s curves in a lovely, feminine way. They seem to minimize the waist and add some attention to the bust.


Mini Dresses

Mini Dresses Mini dresses are great for petite women. Petite women do not have the long legs that other women do but mini dresses can accentuate their legs and make them look longer. If a petite woman wants her legs to look even longer, she can wear a pair of nude heels with a mini dress. A mini dress also does not look quite as short on a petite woman, giving them more wiggle room.


Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress The shirt dress is a good choice for those with an hourglass shape. This dress is not very forgiving. It is best to choose this dress only if you are fairly satisfied with your figure. It is not a dress that offers a lot of camouflage. But with the right figure, it is very attractive.


Sheath Dress

Sheath Dress The sheath dress is a good choice for an apple figure. There is a bit of wiggle room to hide a bit of a tummy. The key to making this work for your apple figure is to make sure that you do not choose a dress that is too small. If you make that mistake, it will be hard to hide anything. The sheath dress is one that can be worn by most body types, though.


A-line Dress

A-line Dress A-line dresses can work for anyone, which is wonderful. They are very universally flattering. Both pear and apple shapes can enjoy wearing this dress type. This dress is often favored by women that have the advantage of height. It was one of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s favorite dress types to wear and she was a tall five foot seven. It is not quite so perfect for petite women.


Peplum Dress

Peplum Dress The peplum dress is good for broad shouldered gals. Because it has some flare at the hips, it can help you to find some balance. The wider flare hip equals out your naturally broad shoulders. Try one on and see what a difference it makes. It is quite amazing how well a peplum dress can work for you if you have this figure.

These are only guidelines. Every woman’s shape is different and she needs to wear what she feels most comfortable in. What is your favorite type of dress and why?

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I find that wrap dresses and sheath dresses are the best for hourglass figures because they accentuate the waist

I find peplem dresses amazing to hide a tummy that I'm not happy with

Awesome just what I needed to read thank you

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