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From boyfriend jeans to loafers and everything in between, menswear for women is a bold and daring trend that never goes out of style. Thanks to Coco Chanel, borrowing from the men's look has redefined feminine chic to much than just pretty frocks ever since the 20s. Dressing like a man doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your feminine edge. So, here are 7 dos and don’ts to keep in mind when rocking menswear for women.

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Do Try Masculine Accessories

Do Try Masculine Accessories The wonderful thing about menswear for women is we don’t have to narrow our wardrobe choices to pants and button-up collared tops. Go subtle and ease into the style with masculine accessories. I love bow ties! They exude sophistication and are perfect when donning the preppy look. Suspenders, fedoras or flat oxford shoes are other great ways to add a touch of masculine flair when wearing skirts or dresses.


Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour While we borrow their style, we certainly don’t have to stick to colours common amongst men. Trade in that black blazer for a peach-coloured or warm orangey-red one to play up your feminine side. Colours can bring that extra zing to your outfit but it doesn’t have to be centered around your menswear clothing alone. Adding a splash of colour to masculine accessories is the way to go! Bright coloured or dual-toned loafers is one alternative.


Do Play with Patterns and Fabrics

Do Play with Patterns and Fabrics Patterns and fabrics are just as much a part of men’s fashion as they are in women’s. The next time you are thinking of trying menswear-inspired style, think pinstripes, plaid and tweeds. Pinstripes offer a more formal look while plaids can be worn either classy or casual. As with any menswear, masculine patterns and fabrics can look girly and elegant with the right styling.


Do Oversize

Do Oversize One of the reasons I love men’s clothing and I am sure you do too, is because I don’t have to suck it in to fit into a pair of boyfriend jeans! Boyfriend sweaters and boyfriend jeans ooze comfort simply because they are an oversized fit. Looking feminine is not all about skin tight clothing. Pair an oversized white tee, semi-tucked in into boyfriend jeans for an effortlessly relaxed look. Get it right and the oversized look can still be chic!


Don’t Oversize the Whole Look

Don’t Oversize the Whole Look Balance is essential when styling oversized menswear-inspired look. Embrace those womanly curves and contrast a piece of oversized clothing with a sleek one. Re-create the James Dean look with a feminine twist by combining skinny jeans with an oversized white tee instead of a fitted one. Top it off with a snug-fitting leather jacket and your menswear-inspired look is complete! Remember to contrast sizes when choosing an oversized clothing to avoid looking frumpy.


Do Keep It Classy

Do Keep It Classy The trick to not looking overly masculine is to avoid wearing menswear-inspired fashion pieces all at once. Mixing up menswear-inspired look with feminine accents hints classiness without overpowering the bold look. Offset the look with feminine accents when going all the way. Throw on a pair of heels when wearing a pant suit or oxford heels if you prefer a more mannish look from head to toe. Adding statement jewelry such as pearls says feminine without trying too hard.


Don’t Forget about Make-up

Don’t Forget about Make-up Dress like a man but look like a woman. What better way to look feminine than to put on some pretty make-up? Nothing says WOMAN like a strong lip colour and a dash of blush. Just because you are sporting menswear doesn't mean you can’t accentuate your facial appearance with a little make-up.

For the feminine tomboys to girly sweethearts, menswear for women swings both ways. Tune up or tone down the masculinity depending on whichever style suits you best. Which menswear is your favourite and which do you think is the best way to include menswear in everyday wear?

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why women are trying to look more and more like men? I'm a woman and I love looking different from my boyfriend lol

its nice to look cool....

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