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It can be difficult to find unique ways to spice up your wardrobe when you’re used to wearing the same kinds of pieces all the time. But, there are plenty of ways to add something new to your style to get you out of a style rut, or simply push yourself to try looks you never thought you could pull off. It only takes a little bit of inspiration, openness and confidence to do it. Try out these ways to spice up your wardrobe and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Borrow from Trends

Perhaps the easiest of ways to spice up your wardrobe is to take pieces you identify with that are on trend and blend them into your own wardrobe. Certainly when I say borrow, I don’t mean to completely jack the trend down to the socks. It’s simply a great (and simple) way to add some on-trend spunk to mix with the great classic/flirty/edgy pieces you already have. You may even find stuff on-trend in your own closet. Fashion is ever-evolving after all.


Push Your Boundaries

Nothing says spicing up more than pushing your own fashion boundaries. Like say, if you usually only wear black, now’s the time for change! Now, I am in no way telling you not to wear black (it’s a fashion must-have), it just makes things a little more exciting when you add different colors you wouldn’t normally wear into your wardrobe. You don’t even have to make big changes at first. Start by adding a small piece of jewelry/clothing/hair accessory in a soft or muted color, then gradually add in bolder colors for a new look. This goes for different prints, styles of clothes, shoes etc. In other words, try something that you wouldn’t normally wear. You just might end up loving it!


Out with the Old

Do you have clothes that make you look outdated, frumpy, lumpy or overall unflattering? If so, now’s the time to toss those things out (or donate to the needy!). If something doesn’t fit right, it definitely won’t make you look like the most fashionable person in the room. Go through your things and sort through what can be saved, and what you can update to fit your new style. It leaves more room for things you’ll actually want to wear that make you look as fabulous as you feel.



Speaking of tossing the old stuff, if you’re big on DIY projects then this is definitely a good way to keep them, but switch it up for a better fit or look. There are plenty of sites, including Pinterest and Tumblr, that offer ways to spice up that old pair of shorts or how to tie-dye your old gym shirt into a perfect and unique crop top. Either way, you’ll be getting creative with your old stuff while updating your style in the process.


Switch up Your Hair

If you’ve had the same hairstyle for five years, it may be time for an update. While you may love the hair you have, switching it up, either with a haircut, color or even playing with different textures, will add a different perspective on your current style. It might even inspire you to try new fashion ideas with your new hair that you never would’ve thought of before!


Share with Friends

Does your friend have an absolutely beautiful blouse that you want to borrow? Well go ahead and ask away! Most likely you have something she’d want to try from you! Swapping with friends is pretty common, but it allows you to add some new things to your wardrobe (although it may be brief) for a low cost of zero dollars!


Mix & Match

When you pair your outfits, do you always put it together the same way? I find that when I have an outfit I like, I wear it the same way all the time. For instance, if you love wearing your black turtleneck with your black A-line skirt, why not pair each of them up with something different next time? When you put things together differently it may create a new look altogether.

Whether you’re looking for ways to spice up your wardrobe for the new season, or simply to get out of a major style rut, these ways to switch it up are very versatile and cost very little. Are there any tips you have on switching up your style? Would any of these work for you?

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