Dress Code 101: Deciphering and following No Matter the Situation ...

Deciphering dress codes can be tricky. It always seems to be a fine line between getting the look ‘just right’ and appearing overdressed or underdressed. Luckily there’s a more relaxed attitude to fashion these days and people are less likely to wear over the top dressy outfits for a formal occasions. That said, there are also some instances where you should strictly stick to the dress code. Here is dress codes explained.

1. Smart Casual

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Smart casual is probably one of the most stipulated dress codes around. Deciphering dress codes like this one is often open to interpretation. The key is to look put-together and polished. For women, pretty dresses and skirts are always a safe bet and if you want to wear jeans then try teaming them with something like a tailored blazer and heeled shoes. For men, a collared shirt is usually a good idea and you can get away with wearing lighter colours. Always lean more towards the ‘smart’ end of the scale than the ‘casual’.

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