9 Easy Ways to Define Your Waist ...

Slim your silhouette down without losing an inch by following these 9 easy ways to define your waist. Avoid endless hours in the gym and craving restricted diets by creating sexy curves and the illusion of an hourglass silhouette with effortless fashion forward pieces that flatter your figure. Learning how to dress your body to showcase your curves or highlight your shape is something every woman can do with these 9 easy ways to define your waist.

1. Wrap Dress

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The wrap dress is one of the most universally flattering garment in women’s clothing thanks to the great Diane von Furstenberg who expertly and geniusly designed this shape in the 70s. Not only is a wrap dress the ultimate garment in effortless ease, elegance and sophistication, it is also one of the most infallible piece for a woman’s body. This waist-centric dress wraps perfectly around the waist, hitting the smallest point on the body while defining the waist with a simple tied belt, making it one of the top easy ways to define your waist.

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