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7 Flattering Bathing Suits for plus Sized Figures ...

By Jenny

Searching through plus size bathing suits has always been something that has aggravated me. I want something sort of flowy that hides my problem areas (tummy and thighs) but it can’t be so loose that it floats up over my head when I swim. The last thing I want is to be wrapped in nylon and lycra which clings to every part of my body! Over the years, most of the choices have been dull, drab solid colors or something with gigantic floral print and the highest neckline in the world that looks like something my Grandmother would wear. In the past few years, thankfully, plus size bathing suits have started to catch up with the trends and I think there are some really nice ones to take a peek at this year! I know they are a bit pricey, but the price of swimwear has gone up in recent years. Heck, last year I had to pay $45 for one at Walmart. Invest, this once, in a stunning bathing suit that you can wear for years and years!

1 Diagonal Geo plus Size Ties Front Swimdress

Diagonal Geo plus Size Ties Front SwimdressAs far as plus size bathing suits go, I’m a huge fan of swimdresses. It makes me feel far less self conscious because it covers my thighs, tends to have thicker straps for more comfort and support and doesn’t leave me feeling so exposed. This particular suit has a slimming pattern as well as a panel that visibly smooths and slims your tummy! I’m not super stoked about the pattern itself, but when I put it on and looked in the mirror I was pretty happy with the results! Find it at for $68.00 in sizes 10-24.

2 Beach Belle Punaluu plus Size V-Neck Swimdress

Beach Belle Punaluu plus Size V-Neck SwimdressI know I made a point of saying I don’t like the plain solid colors, but black is such a slimming color and this one is cut so perfectly that I just had to add it. The empire waist adds a slimming effect while the V-neck enhances your bust. The flowy skirt of this swimdress hides your hips and upper thighs. It is suitable for bust sizes up to DD. It enhances your assets while lending exceptional support through the straps as well as the band below the breasts. Catherine's has it for $35.10 in sizes 18W-26W.


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3 Flyaway Front Swimsuit

Flyaway Front SwimsuitIf the swimdresses make you feel too constricted with their skirts, but you still want a bit more tummy coverage than the basic one-piece would give you, this suit is a good choice. It has a flyaway skirt that isn’t clingy, but flows out and flutters in the breeze. It has a scoop neck which keeps you covered more than traditional suits and it’s very feminine and pretty! Find it for $69.99-79.99 at, ins sizes 14W-34W.

4 Ruched Bandeau Swimsuit

Ruched Bandeau SwimsuitI always shied away from ruching because I thought it would enhance my tummy and I’d like to stay away from that. It wasn’t until I was trying on wedding dresses that my mind was changed. I picked out several dresses to try on and the woman who was helping me asked why I hadn’t chosen a specific dress that was on display. I said because of the ruching. She asked me to just try it on and promised I would be surprised. It ended up being the dress I bought! Ruching, instead of enhancing your tummy, actually does a fantastic job of minimizing it! I never would have expected that and ever since then I have been trying more and more tops with the same look. This particular suit comes in two solid colors (black or green) and two pretty patterns. If you tend to steer clear of one piece suits but you’re looking to try one out, this is a good one to start with. Get it at Old Navy for $49.99 in sizes 1X-4X.

5 Sleeves!

Sleeves!If your arms happen to be your problem area, donning a swimsuit can leave you filled with dread. This suit is pretty costly, but it does have beautiful mesh sleeves. It also has another feature you rarely see on bathing suits…a zipper! No more trying to shimmy that suit all the way up, now just step in and zip! You may need someone else’s help with the zipper in the back, but this suit is really unique and I think it’s worth the minor inconvenience and the added price! has it in sizes 12W-24W for $118.50.

6 One Piece Crossover Sheath

One Piece Crossover SheathIf you hate your thighs, but you’ve got a great tush to show off, go with this suit. It comes in five different colors, has a textured material and covers you in the front while leaving your backside with a traditional bathing suit covering. It has an anti-bounce built in bra and the cross over pattern holds you in place nicely! Find it at for $44.00, in sizes 14W-26W.

7 Bikini

BikiniI admit, I am really not a fan of the plus size bikini, nor am I fond of the term “fatkini” that has been coined and has become the new name of it. There are however several fuller figured ladies who will look great in them and it is for that reason I am putting it on my list. They have been selling out so fast that most stores can’t keep them in stock, so obviously a lot of people love them. If you have the body and the confidence to wear one, I say good for you! The top is convertible and can be worn as seen in the picture or strapless, depending on how much bust support you need. It's $68.00 at, where it's available in sizes 20-24.

I hope there were a few swimsuits on this list that you love. Websites like and a few of the others allow you to sign up for email alerts and once you do you get exceptional sales! Last week I got an email for 40% off all swimwear! It really helps make the suits considerably more affordable. What suit is your favorite?

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