7 Easy Ways to Update an Outfit ...


7 Easy Ways to Update an Outfit ...
7 Easy Ways to Update an Outfit ...

Not all of us - myself included - are lucky enough to be able to afford a new wardrobe every season, which is where I hope these easy ways to update an outfit will come in handy. Sometimes, we all just want that fresh feeling that comes with a new outfit - you feel somehow shinier, a bit glossier. But, with these easy ways to update an outfit, you can still get that feeling without breaking the bank.

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Statement Jewellery

One of my favourite ways to update an outfit - and least expensive, I hasten to add - is to pair a plain t-shirt with a striking chunky necklace. Anyone, and I mean everyone, can pull off this look. Not only that, but it's suitable for work, drinks, dinner - just alternate the bottoms, and the necklaces.


Distressed Denim

I'm pretty sure that almost everyone must have an old pair of jeans in their wardrobes that they don't really wear anymore. Well, fashion loves distressed denim. So get out the bleach and the craft scissors and go crazy. The best thing about this is, it's meant to look haphazard, so you don't need to be the next Sarah Burton to do it.


Studs, Glitter and Sparkles!

As someone who is rather a big fan of anything sparkly, I know from experience that it can be added to almost anything. Add some studs to a shoulder; cover a pair of plain pumps in glitter; add embellishment along the button line of a crisp white shirt; or sew some sequins onto whatever you think needs a bit of jazz. Again, no seamstress skills required. Really though, a great option is to explore all the DIY blogs out there - there are some really amazing ones, and there's such great advice on them.


Nail Art

Nail art has been huge recently, and thanks to the imaginative designs sported on the runaways and on celebrities, plus the fancy nail varnishes you can buy to use at home, our nails have become an important part of our look. However, changing your nails is generally a lot less expensive than changing your whole outfit. You don't even need to go to the salon anymore with all the varnishes on offer.


One Quality Piece

I hear that phrase bandied about a little too much for my liking when reading fashion magazines. I can understand the logic behind it though - if you can only afford to buy one new piece, make sure it's a bobby dazzler. For me, I'd always go with a statement jacket or an absolutely amazing pair of shoes. Then, I pair them with the basics I already have. It's the key to building up an efficient wardrobe.



This probably sounds like a really boring one, but you'll be amazed at the money you save. Nowadays, there are specialist services for delicate and designer clothing repairs - from places specialising in shoes, to those that repair handbags. It will cost, but what you'll get back will be quite literally as good as new.


Change Your Thinking

Try and see your wardrobe in a new light. Think like a stylist would; try new combos, clash colours, wear something you thought you'd never wear again and fall in love with it.

I will definitely be trying to follow my own advice here, as I'm someone whose wardrobe routinely explodes because of all the unworn sales purchases and sad, neglected dresses stuffed into it. Do you have any tips to help me keep my money in the bank...rather than hanging in my wardrobe?

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I think the biggest thing is reorganizing your closet. Organize by category and not by color, otherwise items get lost in the mix. Then trading in any items you don't like for fresh ones at a place like Buffalo Exchange!

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