7 Ways to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe for Spring ...


7 Ways to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe for Spring ...
7 Ways to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe for Spring ...

Spring is finally here and it's time to tuck away your dreary winter clothes and get ready for spring. So, how do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring? Let Elise show you how. Thanks Elise!

As the snow continues to melt and the grass begins to show, the temperatures are sure to start rising. With spring comes all the wonderful new clothing options that we’ve been dying to wear! But, how do you start the seasonal transition while the weather’s still on a roller coaster? Here are a few simple steps to begin transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring!

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Replace Dark Colors with Brights

Replace Dark Colors with Brights If you’re anything like me, you’re itching to get out of those boring, drab colors you’ve been wearing all winter and you’re ready for a pop of color in your life. For this spring, you don’t just want to add pastels and other normal, everyday colors to your closet because neon’s are in! All the major stores and designers are bringing out electric pinks, yellows and greens, and they’re sure to bring you out of the winter time blues. So, make sure you stock up on shirts, pants and infinity scarves in these major bright hues!


Add in Trend Colors: Orchid & Emerald

Add in Trend Colors: Orchid & Emerald One of the best ways to prep for a year or a new season is by adding a few pieces of that year’s top colors. That way you’re staying fresh and on top of the latest trends! For 2013, it’s all about orchids and emerald greens. So, make sure your wardrobe features hints of these colors. One way that I like to do this is through chunky jewelry and super cute ballet flats, but keep your eyes peeled for trendy women’s fashion tees so you can make that bold color statement.


Bring on the Bold

Bring on the Bold Bold prints are going to be BIG this year, so make sure these are on the must-have list. Bold prints are especially popping up on this year’s trend colors, so you can easily kill two birds with one stone here. You definitely can’t go wrong with a bold print and a hot color!


Change up the Layers

Change up the Layers We all know the long sleeved cardigan was our best friend all throughout the winter months, but it’s time to upgrade. Change up your layers by incorporating one of two options: a short sleeve or three-quarter length sleeve cardigan. Make sure you add one of these fun options in bright colors, like purples and teals to make them feel fresh instead of outdated. The best thing about layering these above short sleeves and a camisole is you can always shed the top layer if the day gets near summer-like temperatures.


New Spring Jackets

New Spring Jackets I love getting rid of my bulky, heavy, unflattering winter jacket- just as I’m sure everyone else is. But, what should it be replaced with? The big jacket trends this spring include bright colored bomber and windbreaker jackets. Plus, everyone’s favorite: leather jackets. This one piece addition to your wardrobe is sure to make a difference this spring!


Add in Some Retro Flare

Add in Some Retro Flare Last year’s vintage finds are on their way out and being replaced with retro-inspired wares. You can easily incorporate this fashion forward look by incorporating some faded tees from the back of your closet, or picking up a new pair of washed out denim. Either one is sure to be a hit!


Crop It!

Crop It! Besides adding 2013’s trend colors, try adding in at least one trendy fashion piece that may only stick around for a season or two. This year, it’s all about cropped sweatshirts! So, add one of these babies in, before we hit the summer months and you’ll have to wait until fall to bring it out again.

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