8 Tips from My Own Fashion Icon ...

Whenever I’m looking for a little fashion inspiration, I scour a few fabulous fashion websites, and at the top of my list is ModCloth – but I’ve stepped up my game and gone directly to the source, gathering a few precious tips from my own fashion icon, ModStylist Chelsey, in an exclusive phone interview. After picking her brain for just fifteen minutes, I’ve gotten enough sartorial savvy to last the entire season. First up: inspiration is everywhere! Here are 7 tips from my own fashion icon.

1. Black and White

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Whether you’re color-blocking with a crisp white blouse and black trousers, or you’re going a little retro with a checkerboard print dress, black and white is in again – was it ever really out? – and it topped the list of tips from my own fashion icon. This pretty party dress features a black and white polka dot with a twist, literally! You could wear it with black and white spectator pumps, or add a pop of color with yellow heels instead.

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