7 Style Principles for Dressing Your Man ...

As much as we hate to admit it, most men do need a woman's help when it comes to dressing. So, how can you help your man look his best? Read John's post to find out. Thanks John!

Let’s face it, if you walk into a room with a man on your arm you are being judged on how he looks. Unless you’re one of the lucky few to find a man who knows the difference between royal blue and robin egg blue that means that the responsibility for dressing him is now yours.

Unfortunately while there’s no permanent rule when it comes to menswear or fashion, we all receive contradictory advice from a variety of ‘experts’ telling us to buy this brand, shop at this store or that you must do this or do that to look good. All of which is highly frustrating. The truth is that while women’s fashion changes with the season and looks may drop in or out of style there is less demand on men and a minimalist look will have him stepping head and shoulders above his peers. Learn the 7 Simple style principles that will keep him looking dapper on your arm with a personalised look which will never go out of style.

1. It’s All in the Cut

The most common and easiest mistake to make is to ensure the clothes he wears are not wearing him. The right fit for him will be different than the right fit for someone else but that doesn’t mean you need to find him a personal tailor, nor does it require he walk around in clothes that cut off circulation so he looks good. It does mean that your favourite brand may have less to offer his particular body shape, whereas other brands will look tailor-made on him.