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7 Style Principles for Dressing Your Man ...

By John

As much as we hate to admit it, most men do need a woman's help when it comes to dressing. So, how can you help your man look his best? Read John's post to find out. Thanks John!

Let’s face it, if you walk into a room with a man on your arm you are being judged on how he looks. Unless you’re one of the lucky few to find a man who knows the difference between royal blue and robin egg blue that means that the responsibility for dressing him is now yours.

Unfortunately while there’s no permanent rule when it comes to menswear or fashion, we all receive contradictory advice from a variety of ‘experts’ telling us to buy this brand, shop at this store or that you must do this or do that to look good. All of which is highly frustrating. The truth is that while women’s fashion changes with the season and looks may drop in or out of style there is less demand on men and a minimalist look will have him stepping head and shoulders above his peers. Learn the 7 Simple style principles that will keep him looking dapper on your arm with a personalised look which will never go out of style.

1 It’s All in the Cut

The most common and easiest mistake to make is to ensure the clothes he wears are not wearing him. The right fit for him will be different than the right fit for someone else but that doesn’t mean you need to find him a personal tailor, nor does it require he walk around in clothes that cut off circulation so he looks good. It does mean that your favourite brand may have less to offer his particular body shape, whereas other brands will look tailor-made on him.

2 Don’t Overthink Color

Typically magazines will explain that men’s color matches are a complex equation of his complexion, personality and the season, while there is merit to the three color rule you can throw the rest out the window. Two colors should match well, the other should be a black or white «joker» used to emphasise one of the colors. Alternatively for a more passive look swap the joker for an item in the same tone as his hair, if you struggle grey is always an excellent option to harmonise any outfit.


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3 Fashionable Doesn’t Mean Fashion Addict

In the event that you encounter any enthusiasm at all don’t let him build his wardrobe based on the latest style or trend being pushed by the nearest mall or high street chain. Fashion for him is not about owning 70 pairs of shoes, though points if you can get him to accessorise, but rather about finding a way to emphasise his body shape and gaining a look for every social context. Pick staple smarts, ensure best fit and implement small changes until you find the right look for every situation. Then clean out his wardrobe, if you leave him unsupervised he may still turn up in his favourite Spiderman t-shirt.

4 Less is Always More

Be it color, accessories or the size of his collection, while it might be fun to have him peacock with an extravagant hat or glittering shirt this is a gimmick, and fashion is about augmenting your personality – not supressing it. Ideally his wardrobe should be solid enough that you can pair almost anything and pull it off effortlessly. Remember that 90% of the items in your nearest retailer probably aren’t right for him, that remaining 10% is enough to make the right impression on any occasion.

5 Balance Your Outfit

Although the goal is to have a wardrobe that’s always ready and contains items he can interchange, there is a real danger with this approach if you don’t take balance into consideration. You would never pair his best suit with a $3 shirt that’s almost translucent. Likewise, every item he wears should have a minimum quality level or the cheap items will drag even the priciest garments to their level ruining his overall look. While $15 dollar jeans might sound like a bargain just imagine how cheap they’ll look next to that designer jacket you just got him. It is always better to pick out 5 solid pieces he can interchange than to have 20 of varying qualities that he can never intermingle.

6 Beware of Black

Despite its utility, black is a color that can really work against you. It emphasises cheap garments, particularly cheap denim. When paired alone with a bright color it helps it pop, but when used with more subtle tones it can make your man look pale and tired. Black washes out becoming grey rapidly so that black shirt in his collection will need to be replaced regularly to avoid looking worn-out and that’s not always a task you can entrust to him. Lastly, while it should go without saying, this mistake can be seen everywhere I look: avoid cheap black, beyond the tendency to run and ruin anything washed with it, black highlights the cut on poor quality garments.

7 Prioritise His Shoes

The first thing any other woman will notice on your partner are the shoes he wears. They are the best indication of his style and the strongest signal of how conscious he is of presentation. A cheap pair of shoes paired with an expensive outfit is the clearest giveaway that he’s not being himself and that the stylish clothes you picked out are the exception, not the rule. Similarly, an expensive pair of shoes that are battered, scuffed and crying for a polish tell the world that while he will open his wallet he’s still not putting in the desired effort. Teach him the importance of shoe care or you’re as well leaving him in his sneakers. If he can’t afford a decent pair wait for a sale rather than opting for a cheaper pair, while your reputation might recover from his odd fashion faux pas finding decent shoes is the one area he cannot cheat or cheap out on.

Although men are judged less on our appearance than women take heed, while he can avoid chasing trends your modern man cannot deny the effect of fashion. Discovering the intersection between his personality and what objectively looks good is 10% art and 90% science. He will probably never master the science nevermind the art but that’s no reason he shouldn’t look great on your arm.

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