8 Stylish Ways to Wear Sequins ...


8 Stylish Ways to Wear Sequins ...
8 Stylish Ways to Wear Sequins ...

Inject a high dose of holiday glamor into your wardrobe this season with these 8 stylish ways to wear sequins. ‘Tis the season to be stunning and if there is anytime of year you can get away with over the top sparkle, it’s during Christmas. This festive favorite makes the perfect party accompaniment to all your celebratory soirees and holiday gatherings! This number has all sorts of shimmery glitz and glamor that will radiate brilliant shine all throughout the night. Spread some happy holiday cheer from AM to PM with these stylish ways to wear sequins.

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Wear Sequins Casually

Wear Sequins Casually Sequins can often give off a dressy or more formal vibe, but a trendy and stylish way to wear sequins this season involves pairing this evening staple with something a little bit more casual and relaxed like denim. Wearing a denim chambray shirt with a shimmering miniskirt or a sequined embellished blazer or jacket with skinny jeans is an effortlessly cool way to rock this sparkling fashionista favorite. Not only are these looks relaxed, cool and comfortable, they can take you from running errands to a fabulous night out on the town with just a simple switch of footwear.


Stay Simple

Stay Simple When trying to find stylish ways to wear sequins, stay simple. The more you over think your outfit, the more likely it is to become overpowering. Keep your lines simple and silhouettes classic by selecting sequined pieces like T-shirts, tanks and draped jerseys that are embellished or covered in shimmering sparkle. When it comes to showing off your sparkle, simple is always best to keep your look natural and effortlessly chic.


Go beyond Black

Go beyond Black It’s natural to choose clothing and colors we’re comfortable with but this season, step out of your comfort zone by going beyond black with stylish sequined pieces. Because metallics act as a neutral, look for your favorite ways to wear sequins in shimmering shades like silver and gold or unexpected bold blues and bronzes. With that being said, stick to neutral colors to pair with your sequined piece, as hues in the white, black and taupe or tan family will work best to accompany your sparkle.


Stick to One Piece

Stick to One Piece Always stick to wearing only one shimmering sequin piece per outfit, as you don’t want to overdose on sparkle and end up looking like a disco ball. You want your sequins to look natural and feel natural, not like you’re trying hard to sparkle. Wearing sequins should be effortless and should be worked into your outfit in a way that adds to it and not overpowers your ensemble.


Mix and Match

Mix and Match Sequins and shining embellishment command attention and should be left to shine in the spotlight without competing with other pieces in your ensemble. Make sure to mix and match your pieces in a way that lets the standout sequins become the focal point of your outfit. When wearing statement sparkle like a sequined mini, pair it with a simple, solid top. Similarly, if you’re wearing heavy embellishment or all over jewels on the top, be sure to pair it with something simple on the bottom. Mixing simplicity with the glitz and glamour of sequins gives a modern and cleaner contemporary feel to wearing sequins.



Accessorize If you’re not sold on the idea of rocking an all over sequin shift dress or shimmering mini, pair a shiny bag or shoes with your day or nighttime outfit to give your look some serious sparkle. Sequined accessories add that extra little touch of pizzazz and can be worked into your everyday look if worn in neutral metallic colors like black, gold, silver, pewter and bronze. For evening, amp it up by choosing bright colored or multicolored sequins in festive bold shades of blue, pink, red and more.


Go Glam

Go Glam To amp up your holiday style and get glamorous this season, wear sequined pieces with ultra-luxe and rich materials like silk, velvet and lace. When combined together these three top holiday dressings shine at night. Add some luxurious trimmings to your sequin outfit for an air of elegant drama and opulent dressing.


Opt for Minimal Jewelry

Opt for Minimal Jewelry If you’re planning to wear standout sequins that make a glimmering statement in a party perfect frock, opt for minimal jewelry or forgo it entirely. You want your sequins to be shining in the spotlight and not competing for attention with oversized shimmery statement accessories. Sequins have enough sparkle to keep you dazzling all night long, so any jewelry worn should be kept clean, simple and classic.

It’s the season of shine and with these 8 stylish ways to wear sequins you can go glam for all your festive fetes. With party season in full swing, sparkles and sequins are right in the mix, day or night. Make your soiree scene rounds in style with these new stylish ways to wear sequins. What are some ways you style sequins for the holidays?

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I am absolutely in LOVE with the dress in #3!!

I love sparkles and any reason to wear them:)

I bought a gorgeous gold short sequin dress 2 years ago but have not been able to wear it :( The sequins at the hemline scratches my skin and rips my tights. Does anyone know how I could fix this?

Thanks Sheila, I'll take it to my tailor, hope he can fix it because it's such a cute dress.

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