8 Easy to Pull-off Fashion Trends You Must Try ...


8 Easy to Pull-off Fashion Trends You Must Try ...
8 Easy to Pull-off Fashion Trends You Must Try ...

Trying to find easy fashion trends that work for your style, body, and comfort level is not always a simple task. However, I have found a few fashion trends everyone can have fun with. With the Fall season well under way, I just know that these 8 fabulous, must-try trends will do exactly what we all need to add a little warmth and love to our lives.

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Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan Collar A dainty trend, although named after a male, is all about the female. With so many different styles, from lace to studded to leather to plaid, you are sure to find the perfect one for you with a little bit of researching. Change a basic tee into a signature piece everyone will want - I love how a simple accessory can do this.



Easily one of my favorite trends, peplum had me at hello. This fashion trend is extremely versatile when it comes to fitting any body type. It can hide tummy concerns and can create curves if you wish. It's really just an easy fashion trend anyone can pull off. If you want to feel instantly sexy, I suggest looking into this fabulous trend some more.


Elbow Patch

Elbow Patch The elbow patch trend is no stranger to the runway. As most trends live by the statement "what goes around, comes around," we have seen and sported this trend once before. What just a simple added detail can do to a sweater or blazer is just unbelievable really. A trend that at its soul is very manly can be pulled off so sweetly when done right.


Wedge Sneakers

Wedge Sneakers These sneakers that give you a little lift are not accepted at first by all. But once you try them on and strut down the aisle of your local shoe store, you'll see that they are really a stroke of genius. The wedge sneaker trend is just one of the easy fashion trends that one can obtain and pull off. Don't tell me you don't ever slip out the door in an old pair of jeans and a tee to just get milk? This is the perfect opportunity to feel like you have actually put some thought into your outfit, without actually doing it. Everyone assumes when you're elevated with a heel you have put some serious thought into what you're wearing. It's just that simple, really.



They're such an easy way to complete an outfit. Like a diamond necklace or the perfect patent belt, gloves are a simple way to finish off your outfit. Gloves, once you find your size, can be worn by absolutely anyone. All that's left for you to do is to choose a pair that best represents you and your style. Leather, suede, fur, bow details, lace frills... the sky's the limit with this easy fashion trend.




Loafers give a fresh new approach to a basic flat. If you're looking for more of a casual shoe that has you parallel to the ground, then you must try a loafer. The name can be easily mistaken for something your grandpa might sport to the next lawn bowling tournament, but don't let this fool you. There are so many brilliant patterns, shades and finishes these days when it comes to your traditional loafer, I know you will find one you love.


Fit to Flare

Considered more as a shape versus an actual piece, this fabulous trend works for pretty much everyone and anyone. Hugging just where we want and flaring just when we need, this easy to pull-off trend is one that I know you will love. Purchase this shape in a skirt or dress, either way you won't be disappointed.


Statement Pants

Statement Pants Whether they're printed, metallic, color-blocked, striped, or embellished, make a statement with a pair of pants instead of your accessories this Fall and Winter. This trend is easy to pull off if you find something that works for your body. For instance, if your lower body is wider than your upper, or if you don't like to draw attention to it, I suggest avoiding a metallic or stripe. Go for more of a hounds-tooth or floral print instead. Busy prints are a good thing when you're teasing the public eye.

Although easy fashion trends are sometimes hard to find, I just know if you give them a try, you might be pleasantly surprised. I hope you love my fabulous 8 must-try fashion trends as much as I do and are willing to give something new a try. Tell me, is there a trend I missed that you find easy to pull off? Share them with me!

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Wish you had included pictures... But it was great!

@Ana, you are absolutely right - with pictures it's much much better now.

I already wear wedged sneakers,I adore mine from GUESS their so comfortable and fashionable

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