7 Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions and How to Avoid Them ...


7 Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions and How to Avoid Them ...
7 Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions and How to Avoid Them ...

Embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions don't just happen to celebrities. We can all suffer from style slip-ups that leave us feeling like fashion failures who can never show our faces in public again. We should probably just be thankful that no cameras are around to capture our mortifying moments for the entire world to see. However, it's hard to live down embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions when they happen around people that you have to see every day like fellow students or coworkers. So here's a look at a few wardrobe malfunctions to be aware of and how to avoid them:

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The Nip Slip

This is one of the many embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions that celebrities seem to be plagued by with their backless, strapless, sideboob-baring red carpet gowns. However, average gals can suffer from the same issue by wearing extremely low-cut tops without bras. Luckily, you don't have to ban these skin-baring looks from your wardrobe to avoid slipping a nip. You can use double-sided tape to hold your top in place, or you can cover your nipples with breast petals. These also ensure that you don't let the world know whenever you're feeling cold. If you want a little more coverage and support, try wearing adhesive bra cups.


The Busted Bra Insert

Beware those cleavage-boosting, liquid-filled inserts that come with some push-up bras. The squishy inserts can bust, and they'll leave your boob covered in weird oily goo that doesn't dry. It also can't be soaked up with half a roll of toilet paper or handfuls of paper towels—trust me. The best way to avoid this wardrobe malfunction is by removing these inserts from your new bra and tossing them. If you still want a little cleavage boost, try using those solid silicone inserts known as chicken cutlets instead.


Camel Toe

This wardrobe malfunction became a much bigger problem after yoga pants became fashion staples. So you might try only wearing your yoga pants during yoga class. This way you won't have to feel embarrassed since you'll only be rocking the look around a sisterhood of fellow camel toe sufferers. Just bring a change of clothes to the gym or wear a pair of sweatpants over your yoga pants when you arrive and leave. There are also panty liner-like products with names like the Smooth Groove and the CamelNot that give your crotch the Barbie doll look. You could also ditch yoga pants completely, but this is a huge sacrifice to make since they make butts look so great.


The Ripped Butt Seam

You can take comfort in knowing that Sofia Vergara has suffered from this mucho humillante wardrobe malfunction. It's the wardrobe malfunction that's hardest to deal with since there's not a lot you can immediately do when the back seam of your pants, skirt, or dress rips. You could always try stapling your seat like Caroline did in an episode of "2 Broke Girls," but you might end up with a painful butt cheek piercing. Instead you should always keep a long-sleeved shirt or sweater in your car or at your desk—you can tie it around your waist to cover the tear on your tush. Other than that, there's not much you can do except cover your butt with your hands; roll around in your office chair to avoid standing up; and walk sideways with your back to a wall.


The Skirt Stuck in the Underwear

This wardrobe malfunction is easy enough to fix—the trick is noticing it in the first place. From my experience, this tends to occur most often after a few drinks. After using the restroom, you pull up your panties and don't realize that you pulled them up over the back of your short, flimsy skirt. Alcohol makes you feel warmer, so you don't notice the breeze on your exposed backside. There are a few ways to avoid this embarrassing fashion fail: you can try to get in the habit of always looking at your butt in the mirror before leaving the bathroom; you can always wear pants or shorts when you're planning on partying hard; or you can pray that some nice girl notices your butt hanging out and warns you before you leave the bathroom.


The Popped Top Button

This is really bad when it happens at work, and sometimes you won't notice it right away. Button-up shirts are supposed to look professional, but you'll look more like you're wearing a slutty secretary Halloween costume if the wrong button pops off your top. This is why it's important to keep a safety pin, a sewing kit, and an extra button in your purse. If you get really desperate, you might try holding your cleavage in using a tiny binder clip or even stapling your shirt. However, the best plan is to avoid giving your cleavage a chance to escape in the first place—simply wear cute camis underneath your button-up shirts. This way you won't reveal your bra or a copious amount of cleavage if a button pops off.


The up Skirt Flash

This wardrobe malfunction is easy to avoid. If you don't want anyone to see the goods, then always, ALWAYS wear underwear with skirts. You might want to avoid VPL (Visible Panty Lines), but why risk showing everything simply to make your skirt look smoother? You also shouldn't have to worry about panty lines if you buy pairs of underwear that fit properly (the tighter the panties, the worse the panty lines). So unless you're Sharon Stone, don't leave home without your underwear.

So while wardrobe malfunctions can be embarrassing, they really aren't that hard to avoid. Just be aware of how your clothing fits and how well it's made—if something looks and feels flimsy, it's probably more likely to fall apart on you. You should also check buttons and seams for loose threads. So have you ever suffered from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?

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Naw i can't believe i had a nip slip back at the high school water sports day.. Ah well, only a memory now!

My pants zipper always falls down! I buy $10 jeans & that's the only issue with them. I do the keychain through zipper trick!

You know ladies I always look. But that's because I love women. I also love you enough to let you know discretely that um you missed a button are there's been an accident. I might put an arm around you and say hello and whisper well scaring you or look you in the eye and say guess what. I know it's not easy and your embarrassed. And you may laugh later about it. I also know it's happened to my mom and sisters and those of you in my life. So blush and or be embarrassed but know some men will tell you or be a decoy for you

It is not just yoga pants that create the dreaded camel toe! The trick to avoiding it with all trousers is to get well fitting trousers and not just tight ones (will also minimize muffin tops and sausage legs too)

by makin ths as favourite means i liked ? or is therf a like buton that i cant find o_O ( new user )

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