7 Fashion Tips on What to Wear when You've Gained a Little Weight Recently ...

By Heather

7 Fashion Tips on What to Wear when You've Gained a Little Weight Recently ...

Whether you’ve overindulged lately or you’ve just put on a few or more pounds this year, try out some helpful tips on what to wear when you’ve gained weight. Unless you’re clinically at risk for disease from being overweight, putting on a few or even 10 pounds isn’t the end of the world, or a reason to live in your sweats. I know, I know, it is really pesky to deal with though! I fought off a few extra pounds a couple of years ago when I developed a nasty bingeing habit during an eating disorder recovery. Luckily, even though I got rid of the weight by overcoming the bad habit and eating smart, I also learned some helpful fashion tips along the way. There were days when I didn’t want to wear anything but a T-shirt and yoga pants, and sometimes I did, however I didn’t do this all the time. There are some fabulous ideas for what to wear when you’ve gained weight, and you'll still look fashionable. Try out my favorites, and share any you might have with me!

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More than Black

First off, when deciding what to wear when you’ve gained weight, choose more than a simple, slimming black. I know black tends to be the go-to color for looking skinny, and I’ll admit, black is actually one of my favorite colors. When it comes to looking like you’ve got something to hide though, wearing all black head to toe can be a dead giveaway. Instead, add some color either through your top or bottoms, and even a colorful accessory or scarf. This is a great way to add flair and fashion to your look, while taking the attention off your extra pounds.


Go with a Bigger Size

Don’t try to slip into your old jeans if they don’t fit! People will notice they’re a little too tight to be wearing, and you’ll be uncomfortable in the process. I know it’s no fun, but just buy a bigger size. You’ll be comfortable, more confident and look better in your jeans. Plus, I’m here to tell you that a number on a pants tag does not matter. For starters, almost all brands differ in size, and I actually found a new favorite brand of jeans when I had to buy a bigger pair during weight gain.


Go with Flouncy Tops

I love drapey, flouncy tops, even when I’m not trying to dress for weight gain. These tops are feminine, stylish and incredibly sexy too! If you’ve gained weight, they offer an extra bonus that you don’t have to tuck them in, which might show your weight gain. They also help enhance your shape, which can actually become a bit more appealing during weight gain, believe it or not! We’re too skinny obsessed in this world, and I hate seeing super tight tops that show everything, including your bra strap! Loosen things up and add some fashion with flouncy, drapey tops. Some of these are also called dolman tops in stores.


Wear a Belt over It

Another tip for creating a slender waistline is to slip on a high waisted, thick fashion belt over a dress, sweater or other type of top. This creates a slimmed in waistline, and is a great way to cover up a little belly weight that might show in a top otherwise. These are also incredibly fashionable, and worn by women of all shapes and sizes, so they’re very versatile and hot right now.


Put on Some Heels

Just adding an inch or two to your shoes can even help slim you down, and make you feel prettier too! Putting on heels, whether as wedges, pumps or boots, is one of my favorite ways to add a little height to my short 5’5’’ frame. Slipping on some heels is a great way to slim you down too! Adding height automatically slims you down, even if you’re already tall anyway. I love my ballet flats as much as the next girl, but when I want to feel most confident, my heels are my go-to pair of shoes.

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Wear Makeup

Another great fashion tip for taking your mind and other people’s focus off your weight is to really up your makeup routine. I’m not necessarily saying adding more, but perhaps updating your color scheme, and even trying new ideas. This can help you create a new look that will get you tons of compliments, and it helps you feel pretty in the process.


The Right Type of Pants

Let’s just be honest, we all look good in different types of pants. My high waistline was just not made for those super cute low rise jeans, and I’m fine and dandy with that! I quit shopping in the juniors department way too late in life, but once I did, I’ve never been so comfy or confident in my jeans! Though I’m slender, I have a naturally curvy figure, and finding pants can be a challenge if I’m still looking in the teen section! Also, shop for the right style of pants. We all look good in different varieties, such as bootcut, skinny, flare and boyfriend jeans or trousers, so pick which ones work best for you!

These tips might not take the weight off for you, but they will help you look and feel more fabulous in the process. If you’ve got a fashion tip for those times when we’ve snacked a little too much, or put on some pesky weight of another kind, share it! How do you dress to feel fabulous?

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I thought the author actually did a pretty good job of integrating bigger/average sized models into this article. Obviously none were very overweight, but it was a big step away from the teeny tiny models that are usually seen on AWS. I'd like to see more of all body types used throughout AWS in general - it can be hard for us bigger girls to feel good about ourselves when all we see are skinny models.

I don't like how all these models on the pictures are skinny when you're talking about gaining weight!

Vertical striped tops help me. The up and down lines give the elusion of being taller, which in turn looks long and thinner. With that being said, horizontal stripes do not flatter my apple shape in the least bit!