7 Dressing Tips to Look Taller when You Have a Petite Figure ...

I am always looking for dressing tips to look taller. Why, you ask? I am a petite five foot, one and three-quarter inches tall and desperately need those dressing tips to look taller. I would love to know how to look like I have legs that go on forever and a figure that goes with it. With a little research and trial and error, I have found some tips that work.

1. Wear Nude Shoes

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Nude shoes are so lovely and go with everything. In addition to that, they make your legs look like they just don’t end. There is no cutoff for shoes. Of all the dressing tips to look taller, this one is my favorite. Perhaps because it is a chance to always keep an eye out for the perfect pair of nude shoes for this shoe lover. There are so many possibilities to choose from. My personal favorite way to wear a nude shoe is a wedge heel.

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