Essential Fashion Items You Need for Vacation ...


Essential Fashion Items You Need for Vacation ...
Essential Fashion Items You Need for Vacation ...

Summer is rolling around and that means vacations on top of vacations! Want to know all the essential fashion items to take on vacation? As much fun as vacations can be, there’s always something you forget and wish you had brought with you! Here is a list of essential fashion items to take on vacation for every fashionista out there who loves to travel!

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Floppy Hat

clothing, joint, shoulder, snapshot, fashion accessory, When you’re out sight-seeing and enjoying the scenery while on vacation, the last thing you want is for your forehead to break into beads of sweat and have the sun fry your face. Lightweight floppy hats are a perfect way to protect your delicate face from the sun, while still looking amazingly fashionable! In fact, they happen to be one of the most important essential fashion items to take on vacation.



eyewear, eyebrow, vision care, lip, sunglasses, Yet another fashionable way to shield your face from the sun. Nothing ruins a great summer selfie like the sun glaring in your eyes causing you to have to do that awkward squint. Sunglasses allow you to catch that bomb lighting and still look fierce.


Cute Tracksuit/joggers Set

shoulder, outerwear, girl, joint, neck, Even though every girl who loves to travel loves the plane ride or the car ride…but we all know it can get to be a bit annoying after a few hours. Instead of suffering for hours on the plane in fashionably uncomfortable clothes, get yourself an adorable tracksuit or jogger set to alleviate the discomfort without having to sacrifice being fashionable.


Tennis Shoes

clothing, white, footwear, shoulder, vision care, It is possible to be both cute and efficient! When you go on vacation, chances are you will be going somewhere that will require a lot of walking, and there’s no reason your feet should suffer!


Bathing Suit

clothing, swimwear, vacation, photo shoot, tree, Whether you plan on it or not, you always find your way to a hotel pool or treading in the ocean waters. Don’t ever be caught without a swimsuit. Always have a bathing suit ready, whether it be a bikini or a one-piece, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s fabulous!


Little Black Dress

eyewear, human hair color, fashion model, shoulder, joint, We always pack heavy for the long and fun days we have planned for our vacations, but what about those nights outs? It is important that on vacation you always have a little black dress readily available just in case you decide to go out for a night on the town!



clothing, coat, fashion model, shoulder, fashion, We all love our heels, and sandals, and other adorable shoes, but man they can sure be a pain, especially on a long flight or a long road trip. Having a super cute, yet comfortable, pair of slides readily available is a must have on your traveling list.


Satin Pajama Set

sitting, shoulder, fashion model, leg, joint, Normally you go to bed in oversized t-shirts and a pair of holey leggings, and that’s totally fine! But on vacation you want to be fabulous 24/7, especially if you’re sharing a hotel or staying with others. Have a few sets of satin pajamas ready so you won’t ever be caught slipping!


Jean Jacket

denim, beauty, fashion model, jeans, hairstyle, This one is specifically for those traveling in the summertime. We often pack our favorite crop tops and high-waisted shorts, happily anticipating the warm weather ahead, but find ourselves cursing in our heads as we shiver in restaurants, movie theatres and even malls while on our trip. It is important that no matter where you go you always have a cute jean jacket packed just in case you end up going somewhere just a little bit chilly! They’re cute, efficient, and much lighter than a coat.

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