7 Must Have Pieces to Take You from Summer to Fall ...


7 Must Have Pieces to Take You from Summer to Fall ...
7 Must Have Pieces to Take You from Summer to Fall ...

Pieces to take you from summer to fall can be hard to narrow down, and hard to figure out. You have to make sure you pick up the pieces that are timeless and not overly trendy, so they won't go out of style. Although some of the below items could be called trendy, they won't be as in your face in solid low key colors. These are my go to pieces to take you from summer to fall.

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Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket A leather jacket is my number one of all the pieces to take you from summer to fall, and everyone should own one. This is my favorite piece all year round, but works best in the summer and fall. Whether it's black, white or brown, any color can work with tons of outfits. Wear it on those summer nights and colder days, and then in the fall you can literally wear this every day with everything.


Cotton Tshirt

Cotton Tshirt This is a great layering piece that is easy to wear in the summer, but great to bring into fall as well. You can wear it alone tucked into jeans or put it with a cardigan, blazer or vest. Dress it up with great jewelry and you are ready for anything.


T-Shirt Dress

T-Shirt Dress If you are like the rest of us, you bought some sort of a t-shirt dress this summer. If so, you’re in luck. This is the perfect go to, throw on outfit in the summer, and can be in the fall with a pair of pantyhose. You can wear this to the office or out at night with a pair of heels, blazer and some great jewelry. This will never go out of style.


Light-Weight Sweater

Light-Weight Sweater Chances are you all have one of these in your closet right now, which is good! This is such an easy thing to throw on with shorts in the summer, or over a maxi in the fall. I love a black and white stripe, but you could also try a chunkier open knit or a sheer linen blend. Anything that is light weight but still warm and comfortable.


A Maxi Skirt

A Maxi Skirt If you want to preserve the breezy look of summer a bit longer, a maxi skirt will keep you covered. Wear one on those chilly days while giving you the lightness you’re looking for. This is great for fall as a plain t and a leather jacket work best while still looking fashionable and comfortable. Buy a great plain color which can even bring you to next year as well!


Light Weight Scarves

Light Weight Scarves Scarves are perfect for fall but can also easily be worn in the summer. I know some people think it's too hot in the summer for a scarf, but a great light weight patterned ones are easy to wear at night. These can bring you into the fall easily, but you might also want a thicker one for those cold days..


Black Blazer

Black Blazer This is a staple that everyone has and loves. A blazer is easy to pair with jeans or a skirt to the office, but also great for a night out. You can throw this on as a jacket or simply as a great fashion piece. You can even wear this throughout the winter! If you don’t have a solid black blazer, I suggest you go buy one. It is a great staple piece.

There are more items that are a must as well, but this list could really go on forever. I picked the above items because I find they have really been great staples for me, and have brought me through the seasons easily. What is your favorite piece to have in your closet at all times?

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Love all of them!

Black blazer is great I use mine to smarten up casual or to go out the most versatile must have piece of clothing !

Maxi skirts, Cotton tee, scarves, and lightweight sweaters are all in my closet :)

Leather-looking jacket and boots... The only way to still look sexy in the fall and winter in Wisconsin.

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