7 Wardrobe Staples for an Island Vacation ...

Knowing what the wardrobe staples for an island vacation are will definitely help you pack faster and more efficiently. There are times when I get overwhelmed and get too excited when I prepare for a vacation. I tend to over pack and having one large bag for an overnight at the beach is not enough. I sometimes I pack the things that I do not need and even at times forget the ones I really do need. There are a lot of wardrobe staples for an island vacation but here are some of my top seven.

1. Swimsuit

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One of the most important wardrobe staples for an island vacation is your swimsuit. I believe that the whole point of going to an island vacation is to be on the beach. And you can’t go to the beach without bringing a swimsuit! Swimming or not, you just have to be prepared. Swimsuits used as an undergarment is definitely acceptable when you’re talking about an island vacation. You can wear it under your wet suit, or even when you just want to stroll in your shorts and shirt.

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