Essential Dresses Every Woman πŸŽ€ Must Have in Her Wardrobe πŸ› πŸ‘—πŸ‘˜ ...

On those days when you have no energy and desire to put effort into what you wear, grabbing a dress from your closet can solve all of your problems. You won't have to rummage through your closet in the hopes of finding something that will go with your favorite pair of go-to jeans and you'll still appear effortlessly stylish. So even if you prefer pants to skirts and dresses, you should still have a few pieces stashed in the back of your closet for the days you absolutely need them.

1. Tee Shirt Dress

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Recently, tee shirt dresses have been making a comeback and we couldn't be happier! They are extremely comfortable, easy to style and, most of all, versatile. You can literally pair them with sneakers, flats, sandals or even heels along with other accessories and every look will be completely different from the other. It's definitely a piece worth having!

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