Dresses That Flatter Every Body Shape and Skin Tone ...


Dresses That Flatter Every Body Shape and Skin Tone ...
Dresses That Flatter Every Body Shape and Skin Tone ...

If you have a specific body type that people often try to pigeonhole, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the dresses you wear. Even worse, if your body type isn’t very definable by typical beauty standards, figuring out what looks good on you can be just as tough. Those days are over, though, because these dresses will look gorgeous on you no matter what your body looks like. While you’ll definitely want to see these dresses on before you commit to any look, these are styles that are flattering and stunning, quite honestly, on nearly every single body type!

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Black Lace Deep V Skater Dress

Black Lace Deep V Skater Dress The deep-v neck of this dress is instantly flattering no matter what your bust looks like. Plus, the skater skirt is also insanely flattering no matter what your body type is. Whether you have an athletic body type or you’re curvier, this is a flattering dress!


Embellished Metallic Pencil Skirt Dress

Embellished Metallic Pencil Skirt Dress There are so many things about this dress that are flattering! The nearly off-the-shoulder look is chic no matter your bust size, and the sleek silhouette will flatter you no matter what you look like. If you’re looking for a dress to wear to your next big event that’s sure to flatter you, this is the dress for you!


Chiffon Gray Dress

Chiffon Gray Dress Chiffon hides nearly everything you want it to hide, which is why it’s such a flattering fabric to wear. The flowy silhouette is so beautiful, as is the embellished neckline of the dress. It’s a chic look that’s sure to flatter you no matter your body type!


Floral Wrap Dress

Floral Wrap Dress A wrap dress is notoriously a dress style that is so complimentary on everyone. If you’ve never tried on a wrap dress, try one on. This one in particular has a gorgeous floral print that’s going to turn heads, and the cinched waist either creates or accentuates a gorgeous waist on you!


Floral Print Scuba Dress

Floral Print Scuba Dress It’s very difficult for dresses with this specific silhouette and neckline to be flattering on all body types, but this dress pulls it off so well. The slight A-line skirt is flattering no matter how curvy you are, and the neckline is just as so, and that’s not always the case with a high neckline. High necklines are hard to pull off, but this one is gorgeous, as is the print!


One-Shoulder Dress

One-Shoulder Dress This one-shoulder dress is perfect for the curvy girls out there, but even if you’re not as curvy as the other girls, this dress will create curves that will make you feel like Sofia Vergara! My favorite accent on this dress is the exposed zipper. It creates such a gorgeous dimension to the dress!


Dark Floral Skater Dress

Dark Floral Skater Dress A lot of people think you have to be a stick-thin model to pull this dress off, but that is so far from the case. The skater skirt is ultra-flattering, and the high neckline and sleeves add a chic touch that will look amazing on you!

What are your favorite dresses that look great on every body type? Do you love any of these dresses? Let me know what you’re loving in the comments!

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Long sleeved or short,plain or patterned , the wrap dress is very flattering and hides a tummy. Winter or summer fabric, you can't go wrong.

I am loving one. The lace is nice.

Lupita has worn almost every colour ever invented and looks awesome every time. Dont let yoyr skin tone hold you back

#'s 1 & 6. Por favor!

Where can I find the floral wrap dress?

I want one of each! 😀

I love #6!

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