Dresses That Flatter Every Body Shape and Skin Tone ...

If you have a specific body type that people often try to pigeonhole, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the dresses you wear. Even worse, if your body type isn’t very definable by typical beauty standards, figuring out what looks good on you can be just as tough. Those days are over, though, because these dresses will look gorgeous on you no matter what your body looks like. While you’ll definitely want to see these dresses on before you commit to any look, these are styles that are flattering and stunning, quite honestly, on nearly every single body type!

1. Black Lace Deep V Skater Dress

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The deep-v neck of this dress is instantly flattering no matter what your bust looks like. Plus, the skater skirt is also insanely flattering no matter what your body type is. Whether you have an athletic body type or you’re curvier, this is a flattering dress!

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